HOLLYWOOD—Another attack has transpired in Salem people on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” This time it was Sonny Kiriakis. Now I know some people might think this is random, but I have reason to believe this might have a deeper connection America. I think Sonny’s stabbing incident is connected to Abigail’s murder. We know we have a killer on the loose, but the question is NOT as much as to WHO committed the deed, but WHY? The motive is what matters most to me because Sonny being stabbed and left for death seems so random.

So let’s get into the weeds of things, where Sonny was found bleeding to death by Leo Stark of all people. Yes, America, Leo was the person who found Sonny and he was busted red-handed by Chad. Why is this problematic? Leo just got off the hook after being exposed for being inside the DiMera mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered. So in essence some would say this guy has nine lives. This time it looks like someone is specifically targeting the people that Leo placed on his hit list, which should be a sign to people of WHO the culprit could be. The idea popped into my head, but determining who truly has an axe to grind with Leo I have not connected those dots just yet.

I mean he dressed up as a female nurse hoping to prove his innocence from Sonny, who cannot recall who actually stabbed him. He did NOTE that he was struck over the head. Start thinking people because we are inching closer and closer to a possible reveal. Will returned to Salem to be by his hubby’s side, and it looks like Sonny will survive his ordeal, but the question becomes who is the next target people.

Sarah and Xander are officially husband and wife, but there was indeed a wedding crasher in Gwen. Yeah, Gwen for some reason seems to think she might still have a chance with Xander, but she never had Xander’s heart. Sarah was the woman who changed this man from a wicked villain, to a tough softy people. Xander and Sarah were a bit peeved, but all is good, except Gwen realizes her opportunity with the man she thought she would spend her life with is over!

During this shindig, Maggie discovered something that is interesting: Jennifer is addicted to pills again. Uh-oh, this cannot be good because Jennifer is trying to cope, but are you surprised considering all the stress this woman has endured lately. Her mother died, her daughter was murdered all within the same year, so that is a lot for anyone to grapple with people. Jack, is so focused on helping Gwen he is not even looking at the fact that his wife is struggling people.

Alex is still smitten by Stephanie who is now working closely with the guy who thinks he has a chance, and the writers are heading in that direction. Romance will soon blossom between Alex and Stephanie in due time people which I will admit I can see the chemistry between the actors. Other possible love affairs include one between Ava and Johnny. Johnny is smitten by the new houseguest, but EJ is NOT happy with his son and Ava getting closer. To be honest I wonder how Sami feels about this potential pairing as well.

Orpheus yet again, targeted Kayla, Kate and Marlena and this tale is just boredom to the core and insignificant people. Orpheus is not even a fun villain; gosh I miss the days of Stephano DiMera; that is what you call a villain people. Dr. Rolf is still being pulled in two directions between Li and Kristen in regards to Stephan who Ava saw in the flesh and thought it was Jake. However, this is all building up to the moment that Stephan and Gabi come face-to-face people, but with this brainwashing tactic, no one knows exactly what will unfold and how Brady and Chloe’s romance will be impacted as Kristen plans to reunite her family at all costs.

It feels like everyone in the DiMera family has angles they are trying to pull in their direction, but the bigger question is who will come out on top on “Days of Our Lives.”