HOLLYWOOD—So where do we stand on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless?” Has there been any drama that has actually caught your attention people? I guess the small nugget of intrigue this week is the reveal that Diane Jenkins has an ally working in her corner. Who is that person? The audience has no clue, but she is in contact with that individual who immediately shut down that reporter who was hired by Nikki and Phyllis to dig up dirt on their foe while she was hiding out in Los Angeles.

So this whole idea of Diane being reformed is a bit lie, but the question I want to know is what is Diane hiding and is it something that is going to be game changing for the audience. I didn’t think the writers were heading in this direction, but a Nick and Sally pairing? It seems odd, but it feels like a possible attraction could be there.

More on Nick’s side then Sally, and this would create and interesting dynamic with a Nick, Sally and Adam love triangle. I mean Nick has shared some of the same women as Adam, but Sally is a different one simply because she might be the most cunning of all the women that both brothers have dated. Damn, I just realized the brothers dated Sharon, Chelsea and Sage, they are more similar when it comes to dating women then they are different America! Things could get interesting with Victor pushing for Nick to relieve Sally of her duties at Newman Enterprises.

Speaking of Adam, Jack has offered the guy who he took under his wing when Victor tossed him to the curb to work at Jabot. Adam of course accepted because he knows it will get under Victor’s skin and it looks like we’re about to see an Abbott and Newman war reignite people. I do get sick and tired of seeing the same storyline recycled year after year by the “Y&R” writers.

Viewers are finally seeing fractures in the relationship between Billy and Lily as Chelsea becomes a thorn in their relationship. I must admit the Lily and Billy pairing never made any sense to me and the notion that Billy and Chelsea share a child and that tale is starting to become important makes sense for Lily to be concerned. Lily has other issues to handle involving Chancellor-Winters with this feuding between Nate and Devon. Nate wants to be the boss, but has yet to realize he is NOT the boss and it’s reaching a feverish pitch people.

Kyle is doing his best to surprise summer with a vow renewal, but keeping that secret under wraps is proving more difficult than he imagined. Not much happening with Victoria, Sharon and a host of other Genoa City residents, I guess viewers can ONLY cross their fingers hoping for changes in the near future.