UNITED STATES—Can you believe it we are less than a week away from spring officially arriving? Yes, it has been a brutal year for Americans and many of us have been stifled by being forced to stay indoors for the past 12 months. Many have not been able to celebrate with family and friends and really enjoy the spring like weather that is a favorite for many. However, with vaccines in play for COVID-19 things are starting to look much brighter America and that is a good thing.

So with spring’s arrival around the corner what does that mean? It means it is time for a deep cleaning people. Yes, inside and outside the home. Spring is reminiscent of fall in my opinion, just without all the great holidays. I mean you have Easter which is great and Memorial Day, which is a kickoff to summer and all the fun that brings to our homes people, but that is it.

Spring means all the winter coats, the dark clothing that so many of us have worn in the past few months we can start to put away, and you can begin wearing clothing that is inching towards the warmer weather. I will admit spring still means you need to wear a light jacket if possible, it is not summer just yet people. So the closet becomes a chore for many people. What do I keep? What do I donate? What do I get rid of?

It goes back to that argument so many of us hear time and time again: if you have not put on that item in over a year, there is a good chance you won’t. That means give it away, let someone else have the joy of wearing that item that is just sitting in your closet collecting dust or waiting to be worn. It is a difficult pill to swallow because you start to think about the money you spent on the item, but at the same time you’re just allowing clutter to continue to take over your life.

You have to get rid of things to bring in the new season and to keep organization and efficiency in your life. The closet is a start, but that is just the beginning people. Why? The home becomes a major focus. We have all heard the term ‘spring cleaning’ and it exists for a reason. So much clutter and chaos has consumed our households over the months, ESPECIALLY in the last year people and that will lead to a massive overhaul of getting rid of junk, decluttering the home, extensive cleaning inside and in the yard, etc.

The big issue with the home is it needs a deep, thorough cleaning. This means the walls, windows, the corners, the backsplash, the closets, the basements, the carpet; the list goes on and on. This is imperative because it really allows you to get into those nooks and crannies that have been ignored for months. When your home is clean you feel a lot better with the result people. Now let’s be clear, spring cleaning is not something that happens overnight; it is going to take a few days, it might take a few weeks if we’re being honest, but the important point to realize is that fixes have been made to the home and that is a great thing for the value of your property.

Also don’t do the cleaning and organization alone, get the ENTIRE FAMILY involved. The kids included people; they will start to understand what they can keep and what they cannot keep. Look at the arrival of spring as not just a chore to get things in order; it’s a sign that summer is closer as well. And after the year we’ve had, it is starting to look like we’ll be able to travel more in the coming months than a year ago, which is a sign we are heading in the right direction.

Written By Zoe Mitchell