HOLLYWOOD—She has been missing in action for the past few weeks, but at long last Steffy Forrester has made her return to the “The Bold and the Beautiful” and man has she missed a lot. For starters, I never thought Thomas Forrester was a deranged sociopath, but something is indeed wrong with the man. I mean, he fake drafted a letter and passed it off as Caroline to draw Hope even closer into his orbit and she fell for it. I have never felt this bad for Hope. This woman is majorly grieving the loss of a child and you have Thomas conning her, Flo lying to her and everyone in her orbit just not being truthful to her.

Hope is now firmly set on ending her marriage to Liam, and Liam is in actual agreement with it! Liam this is the love of your life; fight like hell for her, don’t let Thomas and his stupid antics doom you. Liam has a backbone when needed, but half the time he just allows people to walk over him as he’s doing right now with Thomas. When Ridge learned about Thomas’ action, he didn’t fully disagree, but at the same time he didn’t condemn his son for perpetuating such bad behavior.

This is Ridge we’re talking about people; he’s no Hope not even close. When he expressed how he truly felt to his wife Brooke about the turn of events, she was none too pleased to say the least. That is the one thing I LOVE about Brooke Logan this woman will fight to the depths of the Earth for her children and rightfully so. When Steffy learned of the news she urged Hope to fight for her marriage and noted that her love for Liam has changed; in essence she was saying she was happy in her life without Liam at the moment. I sense her tryst with Bill changed this woman because in the past she would have jumped at the opportunity to reunite with Liam, but not anymore.

This whole Liam needs to be there for the girls crap is nonsense, but if Liam only knew Phoebe was actually his and Hope’s daughter, would it explain all. I don’t think I’ve been more eager for a secret to be exposed on a soap opera in years. As I expected, Thomas will end up with Hope, Steffy and Liam will reunite, the truth about Beth will be exposed and lives will literally be shattered for the Forrester, Logan and Spencer clans. I think Flo is starting to sense that. Her lie is about to cause a marriage to implode, Shauna only sees dollar signs and her reunion with Wyatt will be cut short when this truth bomb is exposed. I mean the two already made love, Flo is feeling guilty about her role in causing Hope’s marriage to implode.

Speaking of Wyatt, he paid Sally a visit where she confessed her sins for keeping the truth from him, but noted her love for him has not changed. So much so the two shared a kiss. Hmm, Wyatt you need to make a choice. Is it Sally or is it Flo? The question I want answered is who will uncover the baby secret first Sally or Thomas? I sense Thomas, but he will use that as leverage for himself, but I’m secretly hoping its Sally. However, it was NOT Sally who discovered the truth about Beth first, it was Xander. Yeah, Zoe’s love stumbled upon Flo and Zoe’s conversation and he has now placed himself in a dangerous predicament. That is the thing about a secret, the more people to know about the secret, the harder it becomes to keep the secret.

With rumors running rampant about potential characters on the soap having a date with the Grim Reaper I wonder if Sally is one of those players. I sure hope not, but I don’t know what they plan to do with this character. She is fiery, fun and just the best addition to “The Bold and the Beautiful” soap in years. She has a massive storyline and they just rip the rug right from underneath her every damn time and it’s annoying to the core. If there is a soap that does a great twist time after time, I give kudos to “B&B.” I’ll never forget the surprise of seeing Sheila Carter return to soap in ways you never expected.