UNITED STATES─Life has been tough for many Americans since the coronavirus virus exploded in mid-March. I remember things are bad, so much to the point when you visited the grocery store you could NOT find food, paper towel, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, sanitizer was slim pickings if any at all. With that said, we are several months later and it seems the ability to gather supplies is still difficult. I would argue because some people are hording and overbuying some items.

I mean I was just trying to purchase paper towel over the week and had to travel to four establishments, and I still could not find any. I was screaming inside my head: where the hell is all the paper towel America? I get people purchasing two large packages out of fear of running out, but 3, 4 or more packages? Isn’t that a bit excessive? I would argue that it is damn excessive and you’re limiting others who might also need a product that you have so much of you don’t know where you are going to store it or what to do with it.

People need tissue America, people need paper towel, people need cleaning supplies, people need sanitizer, and people need food. C’mon America be considerate for one another, by sharing you are showing you care about their needs just as much as the next person. I can understand why non-perishable items are being horded, but food, really food? That is one that baffles me greatly and I cannot understand it, no matter how much I attempt to explain it to myself.

Food is perishable and taking a ton from others, and not leaving any for the rest of us is never a good thing. Why you run into a situation where that food that you purchase either goes to waste or you never use and someone who actually needs it don’t have a chance to find it. Spread the wealth America, the grocery stores have been much better at keeping food in stock, but there are still items that are hard to find and impossible to get your hands on it.

I try to go to the supermarket at least once a week if possible, maybe every other week if my busy schedule prevents me from getting there. What makes this so frustrating is when you go to the supermarket wanting to pick up certain items and you cannot get those things because someone has stacked their carts with the entire kitchen sink leaving nothing for the rest of us. I mean pre-pandemic, no one was hording paper towel, tissue, cleaning supplies, food, etc., so what has changed. Do people really think the end of the world is near and certain things we will never be able to find? I think some do and I would argue it’s a bit excessive, at bit selfish and a bit stupid if you ask me.

You can have a ton of cleaning wipes, but can you really use them all at one time? No. It’s like hand sanitizer. I literally could not find the item for months and just recently within the past 2-3 weeks, it’s everywhere suddenly. Either the demand was so great it couldn’t stay on the shelf or the makers were not producing the product like expected or it was being sent to the major companies first and foremost, and we’re seeing it now as businesses have reopened their doors.

We need to stop panicking; we need to know all will be okay if we take the necessary steps to ensure we are following protocols implemented by the health professionals. By following protocols including wearing a mask in public, cleaning our hands maintaining proper social distance and not being silly be being in massive crowds we can neutralize this deadly virus and hopefully get back to our norm.

However, I wish normalcy would return, but it is not going to happen America, no matter how much we think it is. There are certain things that are the new norm, hording food supplies and things that are everyday essentials should not become the norm. Otherwise you’re leaving people who need supplies without those items.