SAN FRANCISCO—Crab fishing season could be delayed due to anticipated storms in the Bay Area. Commercial Bay Area crab season officially opened on Saturday, December 31, at 12:01 a.m.

Many crabbers set their traps as early as Wednesday, December 28, during the Bay area’s break from the storms. “The weather is horrible,” said crab fisherman Nick Krieger to ABC7. “Not only is it raining, but it’s windy, and the swell and waves are also rising. So I told my crew to meet at the boat at 10 o’clock at night, and we’ll see what it’s like. But I think it’s unlikely that many of us will get out. We’ve put a bit of speed closer, that there’s a chance we can make it.”

“I think above all else we’re all a bit worried about whether we’re going to be able to get out there. And nobody wants to miss it if we can, but you don’t want to take unnecessary risks either,” continued Krieger.

Crab season was delayed this year to prevent migrating humpback whales from getting caught in fishing nets. Many crab fisherman are currently experiencing a financial hardship due to the delay. The State of California also ordered a 50 percent reduction in crab traps causing a limited supply for consumers. 

Earlier this month, John Barnett, president of the San Francisco Crab Boat Owner’s Association made the following statement:

“The weather is going to play a big part in when and how much crab is going to come to the dock. We just want everybody to be safe and come back home.”