UNITED STATES—Well people, 2022 has come to an end and 2023 has arrived. Another year is over and a New Year has started. So the big question that is likely being asked by many people are what resolutions are you planning to implement for the New Year? It is something we all do, and the problem with any New Year resolution is actually sticking to it. It is easier to ‘say’ what you plan to do. However, it is much harder to actually ‘do’ it.

The biggest is always losing weight, eating healthy or getting into shape. What is the problem with that? Many Americans look at it as a quick fix. That is a major problem. How so? There is no such thing as an easy way to lose weight. If it were, no one would have problems losing weight. It is not just about being active, but eating right. We have all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” If you’re eating fast-food daily, you’re not active, you cannot expect yourself to just lose weight because you want to lose weight. You have to put in the work people.

I have always been a proponent that eating healthy should not cost a ton of money, but with the cost of inflation raising the prices of everything across the board, especially food, you do have to pick and choose what you eat. This means eating more fruits and veggies. You can indeed go organic if you choose, but there is not a massive difference in organic products than regular products even if you’re being told otherwise, you truly have to consider how accurate that argument is people. Just because someone says it is healthy doesn’t necessarily mean it is true.

Physical activity, as I say time and time again it is better to be active than to not be active at all. People fail to realize you don’t have to be in a gym or have a membership to be physically active. You can exercise in your home. Push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, jogging and just talking a walk around the block is a good exercise regimen. In addition, a jump rope or jump roping is an excellent form of exercise for those who want to stay active.

You don’t have to exercise for long periods of time. A good 30-minute workout can be just as effective as a 2-hour workout. It is all about the intensity people. In addition, you have to consider doing whatever physical activity you choose to endure at the same time each time. Why? It helps you develop a consistency that you will slowly implement into your daily life and it becomes a routine that is second nature to you. It does not feel like a chore; it feels natural to do it.

New Year, means getting those finances in order. That is a major one that many Americans aim to accomplish every year, and 2023 should not be any different. However, the big problem might be those credit card bills that will slowly, but surely be ushered in. Did you spend too much during the Christmas holiday? If so, your first goal should be to cut down that debt as much as possible by paying off those high interest credit cards. If you knock that interest down it allows you to save more in the long run.

In addition, you have to commit to not using the card once you get your debt manageable. Spend only what you have and not what you do not have because that is how people get into debt that is near impossible to escape. Set a budget each month and stick to it. The most important tip is to know what you have COMING IN and know what you have COMING OUT. No one likes the word budget, but it is helpful to know what you can spend and what you cannot spend people. This allows you to tackle your debt and not be stressed in the process. Remember beware of your wants and needs. A need is something you must have to survive, whereas a want is something that brightens your spirits or makes you feel better. It is ok to treat yourself here and there, but don’t overdo it, or you will indeed pay the price later.

Other resolutions for the New Year would be to be kick bad habits like smoking, alcohol, gambling, shopping or unhealthy habits, but it will not be easy people. With any addiction it takes time to curb it; it just does not happen overnight. Be patient, work hard and do you best to commit, but remember if you fall off the wagon it is not the end of the world. Get back on the horse and continue to ride until you finish.

Written By Jason Jones