SAN FRANCISCO—Several homes in the Bayview neighborhood were red-tagged due to flooding and mudslides on Saturday, December 31 forcing residents out of their homes. 

The heavy storms the city endured caused major rain runoff on hillsides by Le Conte Avenue leading to a landslide and gutters building up preventing water from dispersing. There were reports of water standing several feet high against sliding glass doors with yards and patios flooded. 

Firefighters reported they responded to hundreds of calls because of the storms. One firefighter reported she was waist deep in water when she went to help rescue a family. 

There have not been any storm-related injuries or deaths in San Francisco, but it is said that one death may be due to the storms. According to police, a 72-year-old individual was killed by a falling tree in Santa Cruz’s Lighthouse Field State Beach. 

Multiple government agencies throughout the Bay Area and Northern California have announced road closures and evacuation orders since the rains commenced.  

Some drivers ignored the road closures and were rescued after their cars got stuck and began floating.  According to reports, this is the worst storm San Francisco has seen in about 100 years.