HOLLYWOOD—It was the episode to wrap up the season of “Survivor” that was to be a rebirth, but fizzled in my opinion. A winner was crowned in ‘One Thing Left to Do…Win’ and Jeff spoiled things for the viewers as soon as the episode kicked off revealing that it is indeed a final three, not a final two as so many people expected. Per usual Jeff acknowledged that another twist is expected in the game that will change things and the contestants will never see coming.

There was friction between Erika and DeShawn as she was not happy that her ‘ally’ threw her under the bus. It’s the nature of the game and DeShawn shook Erika and Heather as a result, and Ricard made it clear that DeShawn had to go, but if this is being said this early in the episode we know DeShawn is NOT the player being voted out in the first Tribal Council of the season. The friction between Erika and Heather was tense and it was apparent that the move DeShawn made worked.

Sorry, Heather has done nothing this season for me as a viewer, and if she wins the game it would almost be like Chris Underwood winning “Survivor:  Edge of Extinction.” Erika and DeShawn stumbled upon the Final Advantage Clue which was about solving a phrase and you could not search for the advantage until the phrase was completed. Everyone wanted to defeat DeShawn and it was something about ‘dancing trees’ and everyone was scrambling literally people, but it was Erika who found it, giving her slight edge in the upcoming immunity challenge. It was not expected to be something huge, but minor.

The prospect of 4 against 1 doesn’t make entertaining TV people, not the least, so at this point I am rooting for DeShawn to win Individual Immunity to cause an upset in the game. Erika’s advantage did not seem like too much of an advantage in my opinion people. Xander forgot one of his ropes people. Erika might be in the lead, but her getting the victory just seems way too easy right? Guess not becuase Erika was first on her puzzle and claimed victory. Where is the drama and suspense people? I don’t want predictability I want unexpected surprises.

Erika decided to select two people for her reward and choose Heather. Not surprised people and it looks like Xander is ready to play the game and target Ricard who is vulnerable for once people. Heather you have no game and the fact that Heather and Erika think they are calling the shots when Xander has the idol and he could use it on DeShawn, but it was so obvious with Ricard being the major threat, but Xander was absolutely considering using the idol on Ricard and that means DeShawn would easily go home. Hmm, I think the jury would look at you like an idiot Xander if you used the idol on Ricard knowing his resume and threat level in the game.

I will admit this Tribal Council was a bit boring. When you get to smaller numbers the tension, the suspense, the drama is not as palpitating as you expect it. Ricard put his emotions out on the table revealing that he his child could be born and he has kept this bottled in this entire time. You’re pulling on the heartstrings of the jury and the players remaining in the game.

You want Ricard to win he’s earned it people, but at the same time you would be screaming at the TV if the players don’t make the move they should make to inch closer to that million dollar prize. Jeff seriously what the hell are you doing? You basically just told the audience it was obvious Ricard was about to be voted out the game. This is just terrible editing people if the result is what the audience has come to expect. Frist idol play of the season and it was a complete flop people sorry, not sorry.

Like that the last player the viewers were likely rooting for was booted out the game. Hopefully, we get some surprise people otherwise this is going to be a drag to get to this finale. The weather turned rainy and stormy and with no shelter it really tested our survivors who were cold, wet and hungry. Xander has become laughable as a character at this point in the game. Day 25 looked a lot better than Day 24 people.

The final Immunity Challenge of the season is one of balance, so much for my theory of the producers making the 3 remaining players all make fire to make it to the end. Jeez that was such an anticlimactic challenge because it was apparent Xander was winning and I just don’t see him as a threat to win the game. This finale has not been exciting at all.

There is no suspense, its apparent Xander is taking Heather with him to the final three and DeShawn and Erika would be making fire. Heather and DeShawn proved a valid point: Erika can beat you. I think she is more respected than you are Xander and it became apparent Xander is making a bonehead move. DeShawn was nervous about having to make fire against Heather, and if Heather wins that might be a surprise that as a viewer I would like to see people.

Heather started a fire with no struggle, DeShawn was having major struggles. Whoa, if Erika faking making fire prompts Xander to make a move to tackle fire to take out Erika ONLY to lose will be epic and the dumbest move in “Survivor” history people. Oh, this needs to happen as it will make up for this lackluster finale people. So we have our final Tribal Council and Xander is throwing out things that left the jury confused to say the least. Shan and Liana made it clear that they do respect Erika and Heather’s games, and I think Xander is COMPLETELY OFF with his read people; it was a terrible read people.

So Xander did not make a dumb move and he chose to take Erika to the end, so Heather and DeShawn are about to make fire. Heather went right to starting her fire, while DeShawn was hoping to build his fire. DeShawn had an edge, but Heather got her fire going and it started to build, as DeShawn’s went extinct. The jury seemed to want Heather to win and I thought she was and Heather’s fire started to die down, giving DeShawn an opportunity to build his fire again. Wow, this is edge of your seat fire burning people with DeShawn edging out the victory and it left him emotional to say the least.

I will admit that was honestly the most suspense this entire finale episode and I’m back to rooting for DeShawn people. Heather literally should have won that challenge, but her fire did not pop that rope quicker than DeShawn. Wow, just a moment people. So it is now the jury of eight who is about to grill Erika, DeShawn and Xander for the million dollar prize.

Evvie got the Q&A going by asking, and Xander pinpointed that he utilized Ricard as a shield to further his game. Nasser pinpointed Xander’s kind heart. DeShawn tooted his social game, but I’m not sure it was as strong as he thought it was. Ricard dropped some bombs on DeShawn so called bonds with people. It was dicey people. Erika had a strong end game, but as Ricard pointed out that Erika did NOT have a strong game with the rest of jury, and it was true. Erika was quite eloquent in her jury questioning, but it became apparent that Tiffany and Evvie realized that Yasa were not crucial to his game. He could NOT answer Liana’s question about social awareness that he utilized to further his game.

Another great point, Ricard as top threat, Erika as a second threat, yet he allowed her to come to the final three. Shan pinpointed DeShawn’s emotional outbursts and how it may have cost her game to where he was using the social movement for his game or if he was honest about his mission. Shan’s question was the same question that I’ve considered all season, so to see someone call him out on it I’m proud of people. Questions valid, but not as stirring as I expected people, but it looks like Erika’s game to lose people.

The voting begins and we get our first winner read live on location for the first time since “Survivor” first aired back in 2000 and our winner is Erika with a tally of 7-1. Wow, DeShawn and Xander looked salty people, I know “Survivor” loves to do a reunion show, but I will admit I didn’t care for it. Yeah, raw emotion, it works, but the game is officially over people.