HOLLYWOOD—Dare I say it, I’m a little bored with “Survivor 43.” There has not been any major dramatic moments of conflict this season that is making me want to watch nonstop. This week’s episode, ‘Proposterous’ saw a potential major alliance dealing with some cracks. This was a fun episode, because Cody looked like he was a master player, which worries me for his chances. Sami pleaded his case to Owen and Jeanine, with Jeanine feeling terrible because she lost her idol and news spread about Jeanine’s idol being out of the game.

Wow, Jesse delivered a bomb as he disclosed that Dwight gave him the idol! Did not expect that at all because Jesse has an idol and no one knows about it. That’s what you call masterful gameplay, but dangerous, if you spill it to the wrong person. Jeanine did find herself bonding with Cassidy, as did Jesse and Karla about their upbringing. The audience got a bit more insight into Owen’s past and his upbringing, being adopted and grappling with being outside of the majority in the game.

Owen had the right idea, gather those on the bottom and make a move, and he spoke to Noelle and Jeanine and they were grabbing the troops. Gabler being one of them, and the discussion of the ‘7’ not being solid (Sami, Ryan, Jesse, Cody, Cassidy, Karla and James) came to fruition. James realized he should be going after Owen. All that strategy talk changed to everyone talking about food and how deprived they are physically. Gabler was working Ryan to bond, but it also gave me the notion that Ryan could be a potential target.

Sami was well aware that he was in a precarious position and could make a move and started to chat with Jeanine and Owen about making a move. This Immunity Challenge was all about balance and negotiation. Why? Jeff wanted five players to sit out of the challenge to provide rice for the camp. James wanted to do four players, Jeff was NOT budging. James, Sami, Jesse, Cassidy and Karla agreed to sit out to provide food to the camp. James tossed out Owen having safety if he stepped up, but I think Owen knew if he did that it was dangerous to do so.

I honestly don’t care how hungry I am in the game of “Survivor” I am NOT sitting out of a challenge because that could result in you being booted from the game. Ryan, Jeanine, Owen, Cody, Gabler and Noelle were all vying for safety. James is a bit cocky and that’s going to be his undoing unfortunately. So Cody and Owen were vying for the win and I sense that Owen might be the victor this time around. So much for Owen being the target people, I’m started to realize how the editing can be obvious in this game.

It is funny that Owen is now playing the game now that he has power. However, Ryan started pushing Jeanine as a threat to boot from the game. Something is telling me Ryan is in major danger, as Sami started making moves, James was upon a potentially revealing conversation. Sami tossed the notion of taking out Ryan to Karla and she was fine with the move, but she realized Ryan is not doing much in the game. Cody didn’t want to make a move to take out Ryan over Jeanine, and Cassidy and Karla realized the girls were being targeted people.

I can already tell this Tribal Council is going to be a dud because it didn’t start until like 10 minutes before the episode was to end. Jeanine admitted she tried to connect with people, just as Ryan seemed aloof to what is going on in the game. Fishing alone is not going to save your game. I honestly thought Ryan was a goner, but nope it was Jeanine who got the boot people. Damn, I would argue that is unexpected and I almost wanted to see Ryan out of the game to have a shakeup.

I’m still trying to figure out what the hell all that maneuvering was for if everyone just planned to vote out non-threatening Jeanine, it makes absolutely no sense at all people.

I’m hoping now that we’ve officially entered the jury phase that we’re about to see fiery gameplay because this season is starting to feel like a dud for me and I had high hopes when the season started. Next week is a double boot with two people having immunity, and a bunch of idols and advantages out there, I am PRAYING we finally get a chaotic Tribal Council or two to save this season. Until next week “Survivor” die-hards!