HOLLYWOOD—So Dominic’s return is about to cause some tension for Nova in the latest episode of “Queen Sugar.” This week’s episode, ‘They Existed’ made the audience think that Nova and Dominic might be on outs, but he showed up at her doorstep unexpected causing plenty of excitement for Bordelon who is never afraid to speak her mind. The big news of the hour was the preparation for Prosper’s wedding. Prosper was a bit nervous, just as Billie reassured her father that everything will be fine.

Ralph Angel was busy preparing a speech, but worried about what Sam Landry was up to considering he has not been paying taxes on his properties for quite some time. Landry has been undercutting the process and getting away with it, well that is until now people. Propser and Sandy are now husband and wife people as good energy was spread all around the room for this beautiful couple.

Nova and Billie talked about the past, present and the future. Ralph Angel shared a happy moment with Nova who gave him a massive check as part of her advance for her book being turned into a movie. However, the moment of celebration was soon dashed with news of Landry burning cane on his land as a way to get out while he can. Micah and Kiki rehashed a bit about their romance falling apart, and status was something that split them apart. He was known for his name and she was a small-town country girl.

Vince, Billie, Darla and Ralph Angel were looking to build a case against Sam Landry about his deception. Ralph Angel calm down with your ego; that might be used against you and for reasons that are obvious. To deliver a curveball, Darla decided to meet with Sam to discover what he was up to. She managed to push all the right buttons to get under Sam’s skin who did his best to present a strong front; however, he was unnerved people. This new Darla has been a hoot to watch in recent weeks; she has grown into not just a mature woman, but a powerful one who is not afraid to challenge those who are against us.

Violet and Hollywood were about to take a journey to visit Parker’s mother to find out what is going on with her land. Billie and Vince have seemed to repair their relationship, which seemed to come out of left field considering she was just cozying up with that other guy a few episodes back, but whatever. Nova and Dominic discussed her past, as she shared information about her high school first love before she dropped the bomb about Calvin (the guy who held her heart for the longest) showing up at her doorstep during that storm. However, Dominic decided to take a look at what Nova was working on when she took a call from Charley and he did not look pleased to say one bit. Dominic was busted by Nova and she looked shell-shocked to say the least people. It looks like the friction in this relationship is about to blow up even more, as Nova poured out her heart, but Dominic was grappling with how he truly felt with the situation.

Darla connected dots and discovered a theory as to what Landry was up to, where claims for White farmers were approved, while claims from Blacks were ignored. Guess what people: that is discrimination. Darla threw out a proposal to get that dirty government worker caught on tape taking bribes. Billie poured out her heart to Vince as they decided it was time to get married, and celebrated the big news with Sandy and Prosper and found themselves in an awkward moment to say the least.

Violet and Hollywood were a bit nervous as they camped outside in a neighborhood that was a bit affluent, one where her pal Betty was staying. Violet made the move to chat with her pal to find out what is going on.