HOLLYWOOD—With all the medical emergencies during the premiere episode of “Survivor” season 44, I was worried about the season. However, that epic first Tribal Council roped me back in immediately as a devious plan exploded in several people’s faces and now the viewers get to see the aftermath. This week’s episode, ‘Two Dorky Magnets’ witnessed a showmance emerge in the game, something that rarely and I mean rarely happens in the “Survivor” universe. That romance involved Matt and Frannie of Soka.

The conversation kicked off with that blindside at Ratu, where Brandon’s idol play had ripple effects. Matthew was ecstatic with the results and as expected his Shot in the Dark play was complete strategy. Lauren, why the hell would you tell everyone you have an extra vote, if anything you keep that in the back of your pocket! Tension between Brandon and Kane is strong, as for Jamie I have no clue what her play is people.

At Soka, Matt was busy sharing details of his break-up and how it has him on an emotional rollercoaster. The Matt and Frannie is in full force. Could work as an advantage or against them, especially with him not having a vote for the next TWO TC meetings people? Frannie realized that others in the tribe could view them as a threat and they had to distance themselves as Claire saw the bond.

At Tika, Helen was aware that birdcage (it’s an idol) and they should start hunting for it which Carolyn and Yam Yam was not afraid to announce. Yeah, searching for the idol as a group is the one thing I would never do. Carolyn came a bit too close to a tree. Kane was so worried about his safety that he started to hunt for an idol again. Yeah, the fact that people are constantly thinking idols are immediately going back into rotation is not good people. The others at Ratu realized what Matt was up to. At Soka, Danny was hunting for the key to the idol as well. Danny found the key to the birdcage, and he was SMART NOT TELLING ANYONE about his new item. Everyone at Tika was scared of a snake, but not Carolyn and the more we see this character, the more I like her, and she indeed found the key and keep it a secret. She gives strong underdog vibes people.

Danny decided to open the cage when no one was around and collected his idol. He decided to take the idol and replace it with the silver coin that has absolutely no power, just as Claire and Matt returned to the cage. I love the way these players are approaching the game this time around. As the others went off at Tika, Carolyn decided to open the cage and collect her idol and disappeared back at camp.

She realized she left the cage open, so she returned to place the idol back in the cage before the others could realize it, too bad Carson and Helen realize the bag was messed with. Carson decided to over analyze everyone and he suspect Helen might know something; Carson she doesn’t buddy. Yam Yam suspected that Sarah had the idol; she doesn’t, but she has something. Carolyn is a great actress people because these bozos have no idea!

The Immunity Challenge was another complicated one, but I just realized in episode 2, all 3 idols in the game have already been found, with one being played. No holding idols till the end of the game this season I’m hoping. Soka was off to a major lead getting to the puzzle before anyone else, with Ratu in last place, but they continued to battle. Matthew, Sarah and Josh were all working on the snake puzzle. Josh was seriously struggling, so was Sarah, but Ratu who was dead last won and will not be headed back to TC. Soka or Tika who’s heading to TC? It is Tika people, oh this should be fun; I was secretly hoping to see Soka head to Tribal Council.

Yam Yam is playing the game. He loves Carolyn so he informed his ally that she is a target, so it’s good she has an idol to save herself. Damn, I completely forgot that Sarah doesn’t have a vote. So there are 5 people, but we only have 4 votes being cast people. Two things we learned in this episode are that Carson and Matthew are extremely smart and have been preparing for this game for a very long time. Carson while aligned with Sarah and Helen; tried to play double agent and raised red flags to Carolyn and Yam Yam. I think we’re going to have a tie vote, and when the tribe realizes someone didn’t cast a vote chaos is going to explode.

Tribal Council was all about trust. Who can you trust and who can you not trust. Carolyn was brought to tears, showing that she is a player that is an emotional mess. Could it be a complete act? I don’t know if so, that’s a great thing. I thought Carolyn would annoy me, but I’m loving this woman more and more people. Carolyn was smart not to play her idol, as Helen found herself blindsided, and so did Sarah. That means Carson aligned with Yam Tam and Carolyn. Interesting a Sarah has a big power and she could use it if needed to take all the advantages during a TC. I was hoping for a tribe swap next week, it is not happening, but I have a feeling “Survivor 44” is about to be another great season people, till next week!