UNITED STATES—Quit quitting, recession, inflation, shrinkflation and all other phenomena that science has yet to discover are hanging over our heads, making the future seem more unpredictable than ever. And although some might argue Millennials spend all their money on avocado toast, the truth remains that with the rise of living costs in the West, and the war in Ukraine raging in the East, many people are looking for alternative sources of income to make ends meet. What are their options?

We asked Anna Rosak (read about her here), a digital marketing specialist, who has also experienced her fair share of the unstable economy. After hitting the employment market amidst the crisis of 2008, she is seeing her friends being open to new types of employment.

“I think the pandemic changed our priorities, mindsets, and the way we approach employment in general. Just a few years ago, my job position was something almost surreal as I get to work no matter where I am, and today, I have more friends that work from home than those who don’t”, says Rosak. In her opinion, people no longer want to work 9 to 5, but prefer smaller gigs, so they can remain independent in case of a crisis.

Here are her top gigs that can contribute to the budget.

Online Gaming

“Many people think it all boils down to kasyno online szybkie wypłaty, or fast-paying casinos. However, online gaming opens plenty of other options. You can start your own casino, work a few hours a week as a game developer or a copywriter, or simply start a random site, filling it with ads and original content”, she says.

As one of the fastest-growing industries today, online gaming is surely lucrative enough to fill up that piggy bank, reasonably fast. Still, Rosak warns that although online gaming is a great way to make money, that doesn’t apply to playing games. In her opinion, active gaming should never be more than a fast pastime.

Online Gigs

Have you ever watched an online ad or a testimonial, thinking “Where do they find those people”? Online, that’s where. The internet is stacked with platforms with individuals offering to act, dance, sing, write, pose, and do whatever they need to make a few bucks. Anna says Rosak and Fiverr are household names, but they are far more serious for an occasional gig.

“Look for student boards, forums, and community pages. That’s where you can land a gig easily writing homework, attending online lectures, or posing at the park for a bunch of silly photos that will probably never get sold. But you will get your money, and that’s all that matters”, adds Rosak.


TV shows like American Pickers and Storage Wars have convinced many to clean their flats, basements, and cellars, hoping to find art pieces worth millions. Even so, Rosak advises starting small and staying focused: “I know people who sell 1980s clothes from Eastern Europe. I once met a guy who resells obscure cassette tapes with Kazakhstani disco music. Do you see where I am going? Find your niche and max it out!”

With the 1990s revival, increased demand for vinyl and so-called Ostalgia, there are plenty of people ready to pay massive amounts for that one artefact missing in their collection.

“Even if you don’t get rich, I bet you’ll meet plenty of new friends on your re-selling journey”, adds Anna.

Social Media

Starting an account on social media is easy. Starting an account that makes money is a bit harder, but according to our expert, it is not impossible. Rosak suggests, once again, finding a niche and sticking to it.

“And when I say niche, I really mean it. For instance, there are plenty of mommy bloggers out there, yet not many of them are devoted to promoting sustainability. That could be your niche. Or maybe analzing famous soccer goals. Or teaching yoga for free one day at a time. The sky and your imagination are the limits, but you have to get innovative”, warns Rosak.


“Nowadays, you can make money on all sorts of streams. You would be surprised”, claims Rosak. And yes, she is not talking about the sex industry.

“Although that is also an option, I was mostly thinking about reaction videos, streaming events, gaming sessions and live events with followers. Again, find your niche and build a strong community. I once watched a guy streaming how he redecorates his kid’s room in 8 hours. It’s fascinating to see things happen in real-time, s take advantage of it”, concludes the expert.

In the end, she also reminds you to look into local taxing regulations: “Make sure all you do is legal, so you don’t get burned. And don’t forget to enjoy the ride!”