HOLLYWOOD─So far this season of “Survivor: Winners at War” has been fantastic. It is what fans of the series have been clamoring years for. The best of the best going to battle and we’ve seen stunning blindsides and gameplay. Sele has been getting decimated by Dakal, but it’s time to shake the game. Why? Jeff announced it was time for a tribe swap, but before we got there, Nick reacted to getting that fire token from Tyson, which he considers a bonding tool. Yul shared a bit about his bond with Jonathan Penner and his wife, who is battling ALS. It was really heartbreaking to watch people.

So who would remain aligned and who would not? That is the question to ask. Rob was nervous about the tribe swap, as we went from two tribes to three tribes. On one tribe (Sele): Wendell, Michele, Parvati, Yul and Nick; (Dakal): Tony, Sandra, Tony, Kim and Denise; (Yara): Rob, Ben, Adam, Sophie and Sarah. This will indeed change the game as we know it people.

Jeremy went to work trying to figure out who was on the bottom and it seemed he was aware that Kim was a weak link, and Kim went to work building that bond with Denise. This means Sandra and Tony have to work together or they’re majorly screwed right now, and he knew Kim was key to their success. Back on Sele, it was awkward for Michele and Wendell; it’s like they wanted to talk, but not really talk. Parvati was looking to bond with Michele. Looks like Parvati is loved by many people, and her bond with Michele is building.

On Yara, it was time for a fresh start. They have to build their camp from scratch, but friction with Ben, Rob and Adam is certain to give Sophie and Sarah an opportunity. As Rob wanted answers about Tyson’s exit and Amber’s exit. Jeez, all three of these guys are throwing each other under the bus; this is amazing people. Of course there is a hidden immunity idol on the new beach, so everyone started hunting for it.

Sophie found the idol and was forced to give half the idol to another player. Sophie why did you give Kim the other half of the idol back before the swap. You should have kept that as leverage bozo. However, she gave the other half to Sarah (I think that’s a mistake), but we shall see. Kim has an idol, Denise has an idol, Sandra has an idol, Sophie has an idol; things should be fun people, especially for Dakal if they head to tribal.

At last Sandra was forced to compete in an immunity challenge people. Yara had a comfortable lead, as Dakal found themselves quite behind. This puzzle of repeating colors was not easy people, with Sele winning first. The battle was between Yara and Dakal, but Dakal won, and it was time for Yara to head to Tribal Council people. We have not seen the Edge of Extinction so far this episode people, and we might not see it, that is indeed a first this season.

Ben, Adam and Rob claimed they planned to work together without sending red flags to one another. Rob decided to implement his buddy system ala ‘Redemption Island.’ Smart, but will Sophie and Sarah actually fall for that. I mean the target feels like it’s on Sarah, she can steal a vote people and we have a tie, and this might be a very intriguing vote out. Adam was pondering options, and Boston Rob is indeed a boss people; why are people willing to just listen to this guy? I’m starting to think this is about to backfire on Rob because his desire to be in control and the ladies were so bored, and it really rattled Sophie and Sarah who were not happy.

Here’s the thing about advantages, you cannot always save them; it’s better to play the advantage and still be in the game, instead of being voted out. So we arrive at Tribal Council, where questions of loyalty would arise. Sarah and Sophie noted that some players were playing quite meek, and she called them out on it. Sarah and Sophie pleaded their cases, as Rob just sat back and took in what was being dispersed.

Come on, I want to see fireworks people, and Sophie admitted that Rob was a dictator. I don’t know where this is going people, but if Ben or Adam don’t flip I’m going to be livid. Sarah didn’t use her steal a vote, nor did Sophie use her idol. However, the writing was on the wall as Rob got blindsided. He delivered his fire token to Parvati. So next week, we see the Edge of Extinction again, and we might see a Tribal Council ala ‘Game Changers’ or even better because TWO people will be sent packing. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fans!