SAN FRANCISCO—On the morning of Friday, June 10, San Francisco’s Superior Court building underwent an evacuation after a “suspicious device” was found within the courtroom.  

A bailiff noticed a package on a desk that appeared to have wires coming from it. At around 11:13 a.m. the public was alerted to avoid the area of 400 McAllister which is where the building is located.

Before noon the San Francisco Police Department bomb squad seized the package and rendered it safe. 

Civilians were told to avoid the area until 1 p.m. No one was injured.

According to police officials no one is immune to bomb threats or attacks. They’ve described that a suspicious package will have these traits: excessive tape, oily stains, discoloration on wrapper, strange odor, incorrect title or addressed to title only, rigid or bulky, lopsided or uneven, and/or has protruding wires. If you come in contact with such a package call 9-1-1 immediately and do not approach or tamper with it. 

According to the Department of Homeland security, Improvised Explosive Devices can cause injuries that may not be apparent at first. Fatalities can occur hours or months after the initial attack. Blast lung injury, which is a common injury after a bombing, is caused by the extreme pressure of the explosion. It is the leading cause of death and illness for those who initially survive an attack.