UNITED STATES—What is your dream job? What is that one thing that brings you a level of joy and happiness that nothing else in life does? I know we all have it, but in reality dreams don’t always come true, but at the same time if you’re NOT fighting for the dream to become a reality how do you expect it to come to fruition. I know so many people who have literally hate their jobs, but they go to them daily because they have bills to pay they want some level of financial security.

That is indeed the dicey situation so many people juggle: do I quit this job that is solid pay even though I hate it to fulfill a dream that means so much more to me? It is not an easy question to answer people and you find yourself at times asking yourself can I just take that leap of faith and see what happens? I might fall on my face, but in the end I will regret not taking the risk if I don’t take it.

That is the thing about money it wields a lot more power than we like to think it does because it provides a level of cushion for so many of us. We know with a particular job we can pay our bills, we can put food on the table and purchase those things that mean something to us. I think for many Americans it’s not that notion of taking a leap of faith that is scary, it’s the fact that we have to start over. No one likes to start over when it comes to work because that means you’re at the bottom of the barrel. You have to climb your way back to the top once again and it’s a struggle, and not many people want to have to do that.

For me that creates a lot of trepidation, but I’m starting to realize its life, I’m not getting any younger, I am not 100 percent happy with my current state of employment and what I’m doing, so things are starting to be implemented where the start of 2023 will be vastly different than 2022 and previous years. I am ready for that move to be made, to bring that happiness to my life that I feel has NOT been fulfilled as a direct result of my work situation. When you’re not happy at work it just takes a toll on your mental state, your psyche and ability to do things.

That is a burden that I am no longer going to allow to dictate my life and the things that I am looking to accomplish. I’ve secured a teaching opportunity that I didn’t really think would be something I would consider 2-3 years ago, but it was something I always had a knack for as a tutor. Sharing knowledge is important and when you can share knowledge with people that you’re passionate about it makes so much more of a difference. You’re not just getting paid to do something you love, but you love what you do.

That is the icing on the cake people. At the same time, this is pushing me in the direction to be closer and closer to my filmmaking aspirations. When you see the light at the end of the tunnel it makes so much more sense to continue the journey, no matter how scary it may be, that leap of faith is what you have to do to bring the joy you want when it comes to your work life.