HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people. We are in the midst of the final episodes of the hit series “The Walking Dead.” It feels like almost a year since we last chatted about the season. The last time we chatted, Hornsby was about to chaos all sorts of chaos at the Commonwealth, just as Daryl and Negan realized the danger that was lurking. Well, we pick up where we left off with the premiere episode, ‘Lockdown.’

This is interesting we got some flashbacks of the entire series dating back to season 1, before witnessing Daryl and Maggie dispatching of walkers as Lance Hornsby and the Commonwealth made their appearance. They were soon joined by Negan, Gabriel and Aaron. It is amazing to see the growth of Father Gabriel from when he first burst on the scene. Looks like Annie has changed Negan for the better, as he made it a quest to help the others with taking out Hornsby. Negan disguised as a Whisperer got the edge on members of the Commonwealth, as it became clear a major war is brewing and it is going to be bloody good.

Oh, that was a moment witnessing Hornsby take a bullet courtesy of Daryl of all people. Negan and Daryl working together, who would have ever predicted that? However, back at the Commonwealth, absolute chaos was erupting as protests were breaking out and Pamela did her best to promote peace. Kelly was concerned that this might be a fight they pushed too far, but Connie seemed to think otherwise. Rosita, Ezekiel and Magna was aware things could soon get worse and Mercer called for Rosita to help barter peace, just as Yumiko worried about the chaos to come.

Negan made his way inside the Commonwealth and came face-to-face with Mercer who was aware that Negan was up to no good, but that was until he started to spill about Hornsby dispatching of people and that Daryl was the reason he came. Over with Carol she was busy watching over the kids, just two mercenaries stormed the place looking for Carol, but a photo on the fridge may have provided a clue that could be a problem. Judith had to be as quiet as a mouse in that cupboard; definitely a tense moment, as Carol was ready to strike if need be. Jerry was surprised to see Negan, who was looking for Carol of all people.

Pamela was forced to consider the possibility that her son is up to no good, but Yumiko came to her aide in a time she needed it most as the citizens were becoming more unruly. Magna refused to allow Yumiko to stay behind in order to protect Tommy. Now that is what you call a loyal friend, not leaving a single person behind.

Negan spilled the tea to Carol about what Hornsby has been up to. Pamela issued a lockdown which caused panic within the realms. Either something of epic scale is about to unfold or this is just the beginning. Thankfully, Jerry created a diversion to help the kids get to safety. Annie came up with a plan to help Aaron, Maggie, Gabriel and Daryl outwit the Commonwealth, just as Rosita found herself having to play double agent; help Mercer, while also helping her friends. Daryl devised a plan that was even smarter.

Carol and Negan discovered a secret stash away room where Pamela’s son, Sebastian was being hidden and Negan was ready to teach him a lesson. As chaos was about to erupt, Sebastian was spotted, Negan was attacked, and the loud noises led to walkers headed towards the region, just as Tear gas was utilized to neutralize the residents. Panic on topic of panic people, not looking good.

As the walkers got closer to the premises, members of the Commonwealth went on the defense, shooting and taking out as many walkers as possible. Damn these walkers are vicious as they literally ripped a person to pieces right away from Mercer’s hands people. Yeah, this horde is massive, so it’s going to take an army not a few people to dismantle them. Pamela was pleased to be reunited with Sebastian, but soon delivered a slap to his face for the mayhem that he caused. Carol, Pamela and Sebastian started to question who committee the ‘deed’ that has Sebastian in the hot seat.

The answer is looking you straight in the eyes people. The ambush worked, just as Hornsby thought he had the edge, but Daryl held a knife to his enemy’s throat ready to slice. This was a great episode really laying the groundwork for what is certain to be a dramatic, scary and shocking end to series that has captivated so many Americans. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!