UNITED STATES—I wish we could go back to the Golden Age where technology did not dictate or determine our lives. Is it good to have the advancement that we’ve had in technology? Yes, but at the same time when technology goes bad it can frustrate you to the core. Take my situation in question, my cellphone, which I’ve had less than 2 years went kaput last week. Don’t ask me what happened or transpired because I cannot give you an answer. Calls were just dropped, I could not dial out, people could not call me, emails were disappearing, text messages just vanished, in the midst of the phone just randomly turning off when I least expected it.

So I knew I had to go to my mobile provider and get a new phone. Immediately they are attempting to sale me the highest phone possible. Hey, I work in sales it’s very hard to outsell a salesperson, especially one who sells advertising people. I knew what I wanted to spend and the budget that I wanted to stay within. I was NOT veering outside of that budget, even though I think the salespeople attempted to do their best.

Now I got frustrated, not by the cost of the phones, but the accessories with the phone. I want someone to tell me what type of cell phone can you purchase where you do NOT receive a charger for the phone? Yes, I want you to read that back. I purchased a phone where, I got the cord, but there was no charger and I could NOT wrap my mind around it. I asked the salesperson about it, but ultimately I purchased the cord because I need to charge my phone people. I launched a complaint with my mobile provider because I wanted to know what’s up with this especially considering I spent over $400. I am still waiting to hear from them by the way.

There has never been a situation where I purchased a phone and did not receive a charger as a result. The more frustrating element of purchasing a new phone is transferring your information over. Why? Well because the transfer process took almost 2 hours. After it was complete, guess what? I lost all my text messages from my contacts, I lost emails, I had to reset my email and all types of chaos with a few apps. So important details with passwords, I lost them all America.

Trying to setup your email on a new phone is never easy, but I think worst is losing messages that had key information. So thankfully I write key things of importance in my nifty hard book and that makes me wonder if we should keep everything saved in the digital world, but I will never do that because what recently transpired reminded me why I hate technology. We have issues with technology not just with smartphones, but laptops, desktops, iPads, TVs, apps and so much more.

The thing about technology going funky on us is that we have to be patient. What does that mean? Remember that technology is a direct function of human beings. So if things EVER go faulty guess who has to step in to fix the problem? A human being! Don’t ever expect a computer to be smarter than you; they’re programmed to be that way so there is no purpose in losing your mind over it.

Written By Jason Jones