UNITED STATES—Last week, we had the discussion about the fatal shootings of several police officers in Dallas at the hands of a madman. Now, we have to discuss the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France that occurred just a few days ago that left more than 84 people killed. It’s like waking up each morning, we have NO IDEA as to what chaos may erupt and if it can be avoided.

I was so disturbed after hearing about the incident because it was carried out by a sole individual who utilized a vehicle to mow down tons of innocent people including children and women. Just hearing witnesses discuss the panic and the horror of watching the incident as it unfolded is unfathomable, and at the same time gut-wrenching. I’m starting to ask myself why strong security precautions weren’t put in place to prevent such an incident from transpiring.

Reports indicated that authorities did happen to touch base with the suspect, whose name I will refrain from using to not deliver him the glory of becoming a well-known individual, but he claimed he was delivering ice cream. Why not actually check the vehicle to ensure, because if they would have looked, they would have found weaponry and possibly prevented an attack that should have never happened.

Authorities were able to halt the mayhem after fatally shooting the driver, but at that point, the bloodshed has already transpired. To make matters worse, nearly 200 people were injured, some in critical condition and others still not out of the woods just yet. France has been a target for terrorism in the recent year, including those bomb attacks a few months ago that left close to 200 people dead.

As a nation, a discussion needs to be enforced to discuss tactics to prevent further attacks. We can’t just solely worry about protecting ourselves and our respective states or countries; we need to think on global terms. Why? Well if an attack happens in France, what’s to say another attack or incident can’t occur in the United States?

We’ve already had multiple shootings break-out across the states leaving countless lives lost in the aftermath. France is just the latest country to be targeted by a terrorist, even though some are arguing that is not the case. However, when someone takes a vehicle and plows down tons of innocent people and creating a melee at a public event, what would you call that? Terrorism or not, it’s a sickening incident, and we have to do more to stop such incidents.

The world needs to be alert when it comes to possible terrorist attacks at the highest level, they are just happening way too often for this to just be brushed as a coincidence. There are evil individuals out there, hell bent on instilling fear, terror and violence into the mindsets of Americans and other nationalities. Presidents from various countries, as well as United States President Barack Obama need to have an immediate sit-down to discuss levels of defense that can be used to prevent such attacks and to crack down to track these individuals and other organizations that are hell bent on indulging in heinous acts of evil.

Enough is enough people; I’m tired of hearing not just our country being under countless attacks, but allies of ours and other countries abroad being attacked by terrorists. We will not allow it, and those who determined to implement such extravagant acts of violence, you will be caught and you will be punished. You will NOT win!