HOLLYWOOD—Well, after weeks of speculating we now have a face to that mystery woman who has been secretly working underneath the wing of Victor Newman. Did you guess correctly? Well, it’s CHLOE! Yep, Chelsea’s BFF and Kevin’s former flame is back in Genoa City to wreck more havoc and get some well-deserved revenge. And I must admit I’m thrilled to see Adam finally learning you do indeed reap what you sew. I mean this guy killed Chloe’s daughter, while it might have been an accident, he STILL tried to cover up the crime.

The fact that Chelsea is so quick to throw stones at everyone else, but not acknowledge the wrongs of her own husband says a lot about that character. She’s definitely spiraling out of control, with news of Adam accepting that guilty plea in the murder of Constance Bingham; she was out for blood and planned to get some vengeance on Victor for putting the pieces into place to teach his ungrateful son a well-deserved lesson. Good luck on getting out of this one Adam, like father, like son!

Speaking of Chloe, it looks like taking down Adam Newman was the first agenda on the list, as it looks like she still has unfinished business with Kevin. Kevin has finally acknowledged that he has feelings for Natalie and the two are making quite clear to Mariah that they are a couple. However, if there is someone who can steal Kevin’s heart, its Chloe because those two share a bond that even Natalie can’t shatter.

My biggest concern is how NO ONE in Genoa City has figured out that Chloe is Victor’s secret partner, and the fact that she has been in GC for weeks without anyone noticing. I mean she was literally right outside the courthouse when Adam was being carted off to jail and when Chelsea was losing it with reporters? How didn’t either of them notice her? It’s not like she had the disguise of a lifetime.

The gig will soon be up because Kevin, Natalie and Dylan are aware that a female has been working with Victor, it’s just a question of pinpointing precisely who that person is. Must say, I’m quite eager to see their reaction to the news when the big reveal takes place.

That isn’t the only big shake-up happening on “The Young and the Restless” people. Why? Jack has become more and more suspicious that his wife Phyllis might be having an affair underneath his nose. The clues are all there and Jack has started to make the connections. I mean he stopped by Phyllis suite’ and she was hurried to find a spot to hide Billy who is continuing to feign after his brother’s wife. Billy has down some questionable things, but this betrayal will indeed hurt.

Jack brushed off the idea at first, but after learning Phyllis never used the company jet she claimed to used, his curiosity has been heighted. Yep, Jack was not a happy camper. Billy has done some unforgiveable things in the past, but this could be the betrayal that Jack is unable to forgive without getting a bit of vengeance first.

Summer is finally getting tuned to the fact that Luca can’t be trusted, maybe that has something to do with Victoria firing her niece to get her to see the ‘light’ that has been shining on Luca for months that he is not one to be trusted. Victoria is starting to get back into business mode considering that Travis has bid adieu to GC, just as Nikki suspects all will be god with Victor when he gets out of prison. Nikki please don’t be so delusional; Victor wants revenge against his family, and I’m certain he has a master plan in play that they won’t see coming from a mile away.

However, the big question to remain is if Victor really played a role in Adam’s downfall or if it was Chloe weaving the web all on her own, not aware that she would take things so far. It may not be sweeps, but it’s important to note that “The Young and the Restless” is not afraid to heat things up for the summer months.