UNITED STATES—I was recently thinking about something when I was at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription: why is the cost of medicine so expensive? I mean you have health insurance, yet you still are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars a year to live. That is something that should concern many people and it doesn’t. You should NOT have to PAY TO LIVE! Yes, there are people pinching pennies to ensure they have enough funds to cover medicine they need to live and I had to ask myself the question why?

What if I told you someone was at a CVS purchasing insulin medicine they needed because of Type II diabetes and it was a must in order to survive. Now before all you trolls come at me with well if you eat healthy than you won’t get the disease, I can say the same about people who are healthy as a whistle and still get cancer. Sometimes its genetics people and you cannot control those genetics.

With that said, someone should NOT go into debt or wonder how they’re going to pay bills to cover medicine they need to live and cover expenses to live. Medicine should NOT cost you your life and if it does that is where I have a bone to pick and I’m directing my attention at the pharmaceutical companies. These companies make millions, billions on the cost of medicine every single year people. Go back the 1800s and early 1900s, things like cancer and a lot of the diseases that now exist, never existed. So why are they so prevalent now? ‘Well, pharmaceutical companies can make a profit by charging people for medicine.

Could you imagine having to pay close to $3000 for a box of insulin that you need in order to survive? Think about insurance ONLY covering half that cost and you have to pay the balance? Um, $1500 that is a lot of money America and think of this being someone on disability who live on a fixed income? That is worse and that was something I’ve heard about in recent weeks. Imagine being in that predicament. Why is the cost of medicine so damn high and why should people be forced to pick and choose being purchasing medicine to live and other things? Again your answer is pharmaceutical companies that charge outrageous rates for the production of medicine.

They don’t have to do it, but the world of corporate greed lingers more in this industry than any others. You have doctors that prescribe you all this medicine and guess what, its medicine that you don’t even need! You’re being prescribed that medicine as a way of those pharmaceutical companies to earn a buck. I know people who were healthy as a whistle and then suddenly they are prescribed medicine that the doctor says they need to lower blood pressure, cholesterol or something that the doctor sees as problematic and bomb, the person’s health takes a dive.

This is NOT me saying all medicine is bad for you, I do absolutely believe certain medications are needed to improve your overall health when you are dealing with certain illnesses. The holistic approach does not always work, but I’m not going to consign someone taking medicine when they don’t need it, I will NOT. It is wrong, it’s dangerous and those companies benefiting from it (doctors and pharmaceuticals) should be ashamed of it. How do you sleep at night indulging in such morally and ethically harmful behavior? I guess money can cloud your conscious and state of being.

Right now you have the vaccine for the coronavirus being offered free of charge to all Americans, but mark my got damn words a year from now, the pharmaceutical companies will be charging large sums for Americans to get yearly doses of the vaccine to protect one from catching the deadly virus. They will spin it like the flu, noting “Oh, it’s a different strain. That is why you still caught the flu even though you were fully vaccinated.” It is utter bull*** and Americans need to open their eyes to it? What type of vaccine still leads one to catching a virus or illness, even though it is pushed to say otherwise! One that is a money maker people! Think about HOW MANY PEOPLE DID NOT CATCH THE FLU OR CATCH A COMMON COLD IN THE LAST YEAR?

Seriously think about that. It was not many because germs and airborne illnesses could not travel easily because people were forced to wear a mask and protect germs from entering their mouth or nose because those body parts were covered. Did pharmaceutical companies take a hit in 2020? Maybe, maybe not, because they were making money with the tons of funds thrown at them by the government to find a cure a lot sooner than anything I have ever seen in my life.

Written By Jason Jones