HOLLYWOOD—I know a lot of people will NOT want to hear this, but season four of “The Chi” just hasn’t been that explosive. To be honest, it has been an absolute drag. Not sure if it was a result of the pandemic or the writing, but it started off strong the first episode or two and has been a bore up until the last episode. Well, the season culminated this week with the episode, ‘A Raisin in the Sun.” It seemed a vast majority of the episodes were after iconic movies or novels and this season seemed engulfed in the romance drama, more than actual drama.

So it looked like Trig did indeed allow Marcus to die and had his pal Shaad by his side as an ambulance was loading Marcus’ body into the vehicle. Well alas, we come back to the drama involving Nina and Dre and that cheating scandal. Nina was under the impression everything would go back to normal after she dropped that bomb on Dre, but no so much people. Kevin was a bit alarmed when his new pal, Lynette was in a panic to get home, thankfully, Dre knows the teenager and offered to be a listening ear.

Jake was stuck in turmoil about rather to tell Jemma the truth about what happened to her dad. He attempted to divert her attention by promising breakfast, but the bomb is indeed going to be revealed people. Tiffany was still indulging in her fun times with Dante, just as she questioned leaving Emmett for Dante. Here is the problem: Dante wasn’t looking to be in a committed relationship. That was indeed a blow he was not expecting people. The devastation continued as Jemma learned on the news that her father was in the hospital in critical condition. Yeah, things are about to get dicey America.

Otis was forced to give a press conference addressing his decision to defund the police, while questions were asked about the attack on Marcus St. John. Tracy gave a speech about future funding for community service, while attempting to rid themselves of the police entirely. Emmett was like a wounded teddy bear, where he attempted to come to grips with where his relationship with Tiffany stands. Emmett took a stand and decided moving out was his best choice since Tiffany was not ready to make a choice. Hmm, seems like she never expected Emmett to make such a move.

Trig was sick to his stomach with Douda dotting himself as a hero. A threat was issued about Marcus’ survival. Otis aka Douda wanted him dead, while Trig wanted him to survive. Looks like the rivalry between these two is absolutely heating up to new heights. Jemma was an emotional mess; and the guilt on Trig’s face says it all people. Dre wanted to help Lynette by allowing her to stay with them at the house, but the teen pushed back hard trying to prove her independence.

Jada got a call from her doctor who alerted her that good news was headed in her direction. It left Emmett and Jada with something to smile about as he wanted to celebrate his mother’s progress. Jemma returned home to look at security footage to locate who was responsible for her father’s attack. Jake told Jemma what he witnessed and she reacted in anger, as Jake wanted to say Douda was responsible, but he stayed mum as Jemma suspected it was Trig who attacked her father.

Keisha had plenty to smile about as well, as her burgeoning relationship is proof that in the midst of turmoil you can find happiness. Jake confessed to Trig and Shaad that Jemma knows about what transpired with Marcus. Shaad was not happy realizing that his bestie could be headed to the slammer if the truth comes out. Really, are we at this Tracy and Douda relationship again? It felt like only sex and we hadn’t seen or heard from her in a minute people. Tracy questioned if Douda was responsible for Marcus’ hospitalization. He questioned Tracy’s intent, as the duo shared a kiss.

Jemma admitted she has the footage of what transpired to her father, but has not looked at it yet. Trig and Jake got good news that Marcus is on the path to recovery and she handed over that flash drive. Trig immediately loaded that flash drive to watch the footage where he saw Douda beating Marcus to death. So what will Trig do? He can use that footage to take down his foe if he pleases two. Douda smiled, but little does he know Trig has leverage that he can use against his opponent.

He wanted Douda to leave Chicago and never come back. Oh, this is getting interesting people. Threats were issued by Trig pounced back threatening that if he did NOT leave town the footage would be all over the news in the morning. The checkmate was the fact that Trig was aware that Tracy was in the apartment and she overheard the entire conversation people. Let the chaos begin people. Emmett threw a surprise party for Jada, where Darnell, Dre, Nina, Kevin, Tiffany, Keisha and the entire community was by her side people.

Tracy urged Douda to leave town to protect her legacy, not his and he poured out his heart to say the least, but it seems after four seasons, Douda is finally receiving his comeuppance. Nina was not happy with Dre’s decision to want to help Lynette. Nina pushed back, but it was apparent that Dre wanted this and the discussion about fixing the fractures in the marriage took a leap forward. So that is good news people.

So now all that stands is what will happen with Tiffany and Emmett. Tiffany made a decision and chose Emmett over Dante. I would say I’m surprised, but I’m not. This just looks like a season that is all about happy endings people. Douda heeded Trig’s advice as Roselyn made her return to the foray to pick-up her disgruntled husband. Wow, this guy actually is fleeing town. Shaad and Imani ran into a disgruntled man, who disrespected Imani and he stood up for her. A relationship that looked like it was going downhill was on the up and up.

Lynette moved into Dre and Nina’s place where the rules of the law where laid down. Well, well it looks like Tiffany is having trouble staying loyal to Emmett as she frolicked with a customer unbeknownst to Emmett. Things wrapped with Papa delivering another installment of his podcast, just as Marcus woke up to Jemma’s smile. There was one nice surprise with the season culminating, as Roselyn took the seat as Mayor of Chicago. Something tells me she’ll shake things up when season five of the series comes upon us.

That is it for season four people of “The Chi.” All I can say is that I’m hoping for a bit more chaos when season five of the series returns next year.