HOLLYWOOD—The drama picked back up on this week’s episode of “The Chi” with Douda and Alicia’s plant, guest star Jill Marie Jones, as Bianca having a bit of fun in the public spotlight. This week’s episode, ‘City of Gold’ witnessed Tiffany and Rob really making moves with their business, as Tiffany was thrown off by Douda’s presence during a potential business meeting.

Bakari found himself receiving an unexpected visit from his sister, whose presence raised his suspicions as expected. Bakari admitted he is planning to write a book about his life. He called out Brittany on the tons of funds she recently came across that she is keeping secret. Yeah, there is plenty more backstory with these two that I want the series to really unfold for the viewers. Bakari is finally getting that guidance he needs in his life from a male figure who sees potential in him.

Tiffany warned Emmett that he doesn’t want Alicia as an enemy. Yes, Emmett it is critical that you spill to Alicia what Douda is planning because it helps you get ahead of things. Victor was not pleased to see Douda in his vehicle making threats, but little does he realize that Victor already has a lawyer working his angle and you don’t have the leverage you think you do. Victor is learning the hard way that in the game of politics people will buy favors and you either play along or you lose in the process. Wanting to make change, and realizing HOW to make change is not the same thing.

Wow, I just realized Kenya has no idea that Zay was the perpetrator who shot up Smokey’s. Damn, I forgot that Kenya’s father was a preacher, and she just warned Papa to be careful about her father. So there are secrets in this guy’s past as well. Tiffany made it clear that she doesn’t mess with Douda, so it will be daring to see what moves are made next.

Zay is a bit of a snitch, worried about Brittany’s music making airwaves over keeping tabs on Bakari. Shaad truly is working for Alicia as her bodyguard now, as Emmett made the big move to speak to the boss lady everyone is scared of, but no one knows quite why yet. I love Lynn Whitfield in this role; she is so villainous without forcing it. She called out Emmett on his lack of being a street thug. Emmett is speaking pure facts about his situation which I appreciated from the writers.

Well, Emmett you are now in the pocket of another criminal (just what, we don’t know yet), but something tells me, this entanglement with Alicia is going to be worse than his entanglement with Douda. Kiesha was in panic mode as her son was sick, just as Papa was in heaven at his new potential place of business. Victor was not happy with the backlash he is encountering, but realized that he could use Douda’s love toy to his advantage.

Darnell learned that Shaad has new business ventures and he warned him to be careful, just as Tiffany made it clear to Douda she is not interested in being entangled with him in any fashion, just as it became clear that Bianca should be careful of making promises. Tiffany is spilling some serious tea to Douda, which make one worried. Douda issued a threat to Emmett about Alicia, which Kiesha witnessed.

Papa and Jake commiserated during a lively religious service, just as Papa delivered his first sermon. Yeah, this preacher is up to no good people.  Alicia made her presence well known, during Bianca and Tiffany’s new partnership. Three boss women doing boss things. Brittany spilled that Bakari is planning to write a book to talk about his life on the streets. Gosh, please let this be the season Douda truly dies. The same villain for 5 seasons is just stale and his list of enemies are larger than I can count.

Oh, Alicia is not messing around and came to Douda’s top henchmen and it was apparent Tiffany and Bianca were not pleased to say the least. Douda is quite scared after that attempt on his life, the fact that Douda knows about his book gives Bakari all he needs to know about Brittany. This is so tough to watch Kiesha have to re-live her past because little Ronnie’s father is dead.

Bianca was taken aback when Douda left a wad of cash on her nightstand; looks like a lot of people are talking and should stop chatting. Bakari utilized a typewriter to craft his story despite being warned not to do it. Lynae was willing to extend an olive branch to Bakari to live with her if he stopped working for Douda and enrolled in school. Alicia is very powerful as she hosted a gala/luncheon, where she introduced Tiffany to a powerful judge with connections, but that convo was interrupted by Bianca who was not pleased with her spilling her business to Douda.

Mistake learned Tiffany, just as Douda received a gift that left him a bit rattled. Oh, I like this edge, as it was a threat issued letting him know that his life will soon be over. It has to be from Alicia, she is not messing around. Victor proposed a job offer to Shaad, but he informed him that he’s working security to Alicia.

Victor warned his pal, but it looks like friction is building between these lifelong friends. Fatima did her best to give Victor a pick me up, which he truly needs, but he found himself arrested for murder, and now the game truly begins. Man, I cannot want until next week’s episode of “The Chi” the drama is only intensifying more than I ever expected.