HOLLYWOOD—I will be the first to admit last week’s episode of “The Chi” was a bit slow and not that entertaining. So I was hoping this week things would improve as we inch closer to the season finale. That said, this week’s episode, ‘Love Jones’ kicked off with Emmett and Keisha watching moments from their favorite movie, “Love Jones,” what a coincidence people.

Emmett was enraged that Tiffany was messing around with Dante. Yeah, I really do not see how these two are going to sustain their love affair; the trust is broken and seems difficult to repair. Papa and Jake were still dealing with relationship woes with their significant others. Myeisha was surprised to see Papa stop by, who constantly is knocking him down when he is trying to enlighten her. Yeah, stop relying and caring what social media says, you’ll never be satisfied with the result.

Looks like Emmett is doing his best to remind his wife he knows her better than anybody else in her orbit. He had a point people.  Kevin has been a complete mess since he broke up with Jemma. That girl totally trampled on his heart. Really, Emmett asking Papa for love advice tells you the kid is wiser than ever. Tension between Jake and Kevin is still evident as the youngster thought he could tackle his pal in a fight. I guess the title amply fits what has transpired because it is all about relationships.

Even Keisha is considering dating after her turmoil with her co-worker who has been a kind heart to her. Kevin spoke to Myeisha on behalf of Papa to let her know how in love his BFF is with her. Emmett is scrambling for straws, now he is even asking Trig for love advice. When he heard about the open marriage, he laughed in his face realizing the open marriage is not what you think it is.

Kevin give it up; Jemma is NO LONGER interested in you, she wants Jake, so you have to move on. This girl, and her ability to move on so quickly proves Kevin was nothing for her. So cue Kevin focusing on making Jemma jealous with the new girl he met a few episodes ago. Emmett is not giving up and the fact that he is continuing to fight for his marriage shows plenty of promise.

Keisha’s date took a bit of risk as she was asked to get on the back of a motorcycle which she was hesitant to do, but eventually caved in. Papa felt he was making mistakes left and right with Myeisha, but jeez she has to give the guy a break for trying and trust me he is trying. Tiffany and Emmett went to a comedy club that helped them reignite that spark in their marriage. Looks like that comedian struck all types of chords with relationships as he put the spotlight directly on Tiffany and Emmett.

Myeisha was getting cozy with another guy, which caused Papa to interject before she literally broke his heart right in front of him. Perhaps, Papa and Kevin should just let their old loves go and find news ones. That was just brutal to watch. Kevin was happy to see Jemma, but not Jake, and to get back at his flame he flirted with another girl at the party. It was so obvious Kevin was trying to make Jemma jealous and it was absolutely working.  Keisha was suffering a panic attack, which prompted her new love to be her safe place.

Myeisha decided to call out Jemma on her behavior that has Kevin and Jake fighting and it was bold, but I was happy to see someone say it. Jemma wanted to have her cake and eat it to. Kevin and Jake had a conversation about their little tiff and it seems a peace offering was implemented. Papa continued to profess his love to Myeisha, who here’s hoping she realizes the gem she has beside her. Thank God we have closure to Jake and Jemma’s relationship; this has been a rollercoaster that has NOT been all that fun to watch.

Emmett decided to upgrade Tiffany’s ring in the spot where they first met each other. He aired his grievances and it was apparent he was hoping for a clean slate. He wants his wife and only his wife, but Tiffany did not feel the same way. He made it clear an open marriage is not what he wants. Man that was a brutal gut punch to witness, because I’ve been rooting for these two. We only have 2 episodes left before the season four finale. Here’s hoping the drama amplifies, until next week “The Chi” lovers!