HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit, this latest episode of the Showtime series “The Chi” was NOT a great one. I was quite bored with this week’s episode, ‘Saints and Sinners.’ The big surprise that the episode delivered was the audience discovered that Victor’s new lawyer has ties to many of our characters. A bit notable to say the least. I’m referring to Rob, yes, Victor’s lawyer is Rob’s father and Alicia’s ex. That was indeed a welcome twist I did not expect and it brings more meat to the narrative.

Alicia is no fan of her ex, and Rob’s relationship with his father is fraught as hell. Rob wanted his father to be present growing up, but it seems dear ole dad always has an angle. What angle? He suspects Douda murdered Alicia’s brother Q, but the lawyer wants to KNOW precisely who gave Rob those details. Rob’s not talking, but I wonder specifically what is going on here.

Alicia is a bit of a busy body, because she has Shaad in her bed and she offered him a job. One that requires him to carry a gun and something tells me she is placing Shaad on a path to go after the man who she has a ton of hatred against, Douda. Yes, this was an interesting episode as some key characters like Victor and Douda were not present at all, but their fingerprints were all over the place.

Why am I saying this? Because Zane, another one of Douda’s henchmen is making some odd moves, some that has me thinking he is about to place many lives in danger. In particular, Jake and Papa’s old flame, Kenya. She is playing with danger, and it seems that Kenya knows, but right now she does not care. I am worried about the longevity of Jake and Kenya as this season progresses. Papa is looking to blaze his own path, but it raises the question of how his father will react to what he’s doing.

Emmett is a bit too comfortable after he tried to murder one of the biggest criminals in Chicago. Whenever your phone chimes and you worry, that is a significant problem. Kiesha is doing her best to give Emmett grace, but her stress is increasing. Emmett was dropped a bomb when he learned from Darnell he has another brother, one that he didn’t even know about that is close in age to him. Seems a bit jealous if I’m being honest Emmett.

I cannot help but feel like the writers are setting up a big death, one that is going to have ripples for episodes to come. Jake and Jemma are at a major crossroads in their relationship, as Jake participated in some extramarital activities with the preacher’s wife albeit. Papa warned him, but when Jake dropped that Intel on Jema she was not pleased. However, she revealed her secret kiss as well. Jema’s dad and Tierra stopped by Jema’s place to see how life is going and they were pleased with what they were witnessing.

However, the biggest crossroads in the episode, came at the end when Bakari made it clear he is ready to begin a new path in life, one where he is thinking of taking out his biggest threat to his future aspirations in life. While I didn’t love the episode, I appreciated the small hints of things to come. Until next Sunday “The Chi” fans!