HOLLYWOOD—Another episode in the books for season five of the “The Chi” and there was an eye-opening event that is going to have repercussions. ‘Sweet Thing’ was an episode that focused on love, as it was time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Jemma and Jake continued to mourn the loss of their child, as it became apparent both of them are in a depressed state. It was cute seeing Jake be there for Jemma, not really attempting to take her mind off anything, but just being there for her.

Darnell and Jada was ready to take the next step in their relationship as they reflected on their past mistakes and it really riled out Darnell that I was starting to wonder if he would blow up the relationship people. Nope, he asked for Emmett’s blessing to ask for Jada’s hand in marriage. Emmett was against it at first, but after a crazy moment, which we will discuss later; Darnell made the move that turned Jada’s world upside.

That’s right America, Jada and Darnell are engaged to get married. However, let’s talk about Emmett. He is in love if you want to call it with Kiesha, who was hoping to mend fences with Tiffany. Tiffany just seemed to be in a bad mood the entire episode. She was not happy with Rob, she was not happy with Emmett, she was not happy with Kiesha, plain and simple, Tiffany was just miserable people.

At the core, the moment that was crazy was Tiffany making a move on Emmett and Emmett shut her down. Yes, it was obvious that Tiffany realized she may have made a mistake seeking that divorce from the father of her child. Emmett resisted and I thought for a second Tiffany was going to be victorious in her quest to prove to Kiesha that Emmett has not changed. She was wrong.

The question is how will Kiesha react once Emmett tells her what happened. With the youngsters, Papa was becoming a good friend to Bakari who was starting to realize he has to change how he behaves. He was smitten by Lynae and had Papa help him craft a letter to give to his secret admirer to let her know he’s interested. This could be interesting to see how Jake and Kevin react to this burgeoning relationship.

Let’s chat about that game changing moment that occurred near the end of the episode involving, Shaad and Victor’s fake girlfriend, got into a situation after Shaad’s flirting annoyed Deja. Deja was not pleased to see Shaad compliment Victor’s gal pal. Deja confronted her love and he didn’t realize the mistake he made until it was too late. Shaad was not feeling great, but moves were made and an intense kiss was made and it will have consequences moving forward people. More for Shaad than anyone else if Deja finds out what he did and how Victor will navigate this ‘relationship,’ while he tries to pursue an actual relationship.

Only two episodes left people, I have no idea how things will culminate, but it seems Douda’s return next week will be the catalyst of whatever madness erupts during the season finale of “The Chi.”