SAN DIEGO—From all indications it appears both Charger fans and players recognize the 30-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins maybe perhaps the swan song to the city of San Diego.

During the fourth quarter, a video tribute dedicated to retiring receiver Malcom Floyd was shown on the huge video scoreboard. It was a touching tribute that seemed to foreshadow the speculated move to the Los Angeles area. Many heartfelt signs made by the fans were seen; most if not all pleading for the team to remain in San Diego. This was a day that had a nostalgic feeling to it and the whole stadium seemed to sense it.

In return, the Chargers crushed the Miami Dolphins, snapping a five-game home losing streak. Quarterback Phillip Rivers was magnificent-throwing for 311 yards and 3 touchdowns, while moving him to number fourteen on the NFL all time list for yards completed.

The Chargers came out angry and played like it. Last year’s 37-0 defeat at the hands of Miami coupled with the uncertainty of where they will play next year yielded a spirited effort.

When the final whistle blew the fans gave the team a standing ovation, and in a genuine spontaneous moment the players and coaches went into the stands where they hugged their loyal fans and signed autographs.  “You want them to at least end it with a memory that was unique. At least just a token that, we thank you. If this is the last one, I’ll always be sick that we didn’t win a championship while we were here,” said Phillip Rivers during a postgame interview.

Next month the NFL owners will meet to decide if and when the team will relocate to Carson.

If this is in fact the last game played by the Chargers for San Diego, it has been nearly 55 years of great football from Dan Fouts, to the “superchargers” of the seventies, Kellen Winslow, Jack Murphy- “the murph,” the current and recently active players soon to be in the hall of fame- LaDainian Tomlinson Antonio Gates and Phillip Rivers…..thanks for the memories San Diego Chargers.