HOLLYWOOD—We picked up this week’s episode of “The Oval” after that interesting ending involving Donald, Lilly, Hunter, Ellie and Kyle running into each other. Donald gloated about the move he just made, but little does he know that Max and Bobby are very much alive. This week’s episode, ‘Body Parts’ witnessed friction between Kyle and Donald that continued to boil over as Dale was causing problems for the secret lovers. Hunter is indeed such a pig, the way he treated Ellie was just horrid.

Lilly and Donald traded barbs about their secret lovers, as Lilly was annoyed with every single word that came out of Donald’s mouth and he laughed about it with glee. Max came to the realization that his life is in serious danger and his gal pal had a secret weapon that might help with the situation. Dale shared details about the cult with Richard and Sharon as they took the drive to the headquarters.

Things were learned about Dale’s past that softened him a bit more to Sharon and Richard, who urged him to continue his belief in God even though his parents seemed to think otherwise. It was good for Dale to hear some people be on his side. Priscilla was still in despair, just as that nosy neighbor snitched to Nancy about what her pal has been up to. This is what we’ve been waiting for, Priscilla finally spilling the tea to her pal about what is going on with her relationship with Sam and a cheating scandal. In the process, Nancy shared who Pinky’s real father was and it shocked her pal to say the least.

C’mon Priscilla just spill to Nancy that it is Victoria Franklin who is sleeping with Sam. Lilly got confirmation via a phone call from Bobby that he is NOT dead, so it left her relieved to say the least. Good thing Bobby answered his phone when Lilly called so he was aware of the situation taking place. Victoria taunted Jason about his odd habits, as she witnessed Hunter fraternizing with Ellie on live TV and it sent her into a fury. OMG, this got damn back and forth with Victoria threatening Jason to go to his room? This writing is just bad. Hell, just grab him by the neck and shove him into his bedroom.

Jason is doing his best to continue to push Allan’s buttons when it comes to Ellie and her relationship with Hunter. Allan was really unnerved by Jason and his antics. Jason your father is the President of the United States, not you, stop pushing your authority like you’re powerful. Richard arrived at the cult’s camp asking questions about the whereabouts of Barry and threats of violence were made. Richard issued threats and the power he has standing behind him with the secret service. Oh, this is interesting, it looks like Barry and Kaleigh are about to get released from this cult camp because the threat of the secret service has Diakhan and the others shaking in their boots.

Victoria wanted Allan to provide her with the itinerary on Hunter’s latest outing, just as she pointed the finger to him about Ellie and her relationship with the President of the United States. Really Victoria? You’re encouraging Allan to be violent with his girlfriend, who he is already violent with? Bobby is talking about assassinating the POTUS, which Max was against, as Blakely had other options that would be a cleaner. Richard, Dale and Sharon got concerned when members of the cult were chasing after them and managed to strike their truck so hard it caused the truck to flip over.

Oh, now this is crazy because Sharon is pregnant and if she looses the baby, all hell is about to break loose and who knows what is going to transpire next. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!