HOLLYWOOD—There is one rivalry on “The Oval” that I cannot wait until it culminates and that is between Victoria Franklin and Priscilla. The First Lady is adamant that she has gotten under Priscilla’s skin, but little does she know her foe has the ammunition to take her, her husband and her son down. This week’s episode, ‘Familiar Faces’ witnessed Victoria and Priscilla coming face-to-face after getting confirmation that Sam cheated on her.

Victoria issued threats as she was concerned about the truth about Jason’s murderous ways coming to light. The tic-for-tac conversation between the two was a bit annoying. I wanted Priscilla to deliver a slap to the First Lady’s face. If ONLY Victoria knew that Priscilla knew about the affair, she would not be gloating so much. The taunts were a little fun, but it got a bit stagnant after about a minute or two people.

Victoria was trying to get Priscilla to fracture, but nope, this woman would NOT bite at all and I loved every single second of it. Victoria you’re playing with the wrong person causing Priscilla sees you for everything you are. Sam interrupted the conversation, as it became apparent that Priscilla was ready to snap. Jesus, the way that Sam snaps on Victoria and she coddles like a little child is epic. She melts like butter in Sam’s hands, who is doing all in his power to save a marriage that has crumbled beyond crumbles people.

So we have the root of the situation, Sam cheated on Priscilla early on in their relationship. He has a history of cheating and that’s not good America. Priscilla confronted Jason about his machinations, as it became apparent he is on the verge of snapping once again. Kareem wanted to poke his nose into Dale’s business with The White House. Sharon asked Dale if he would journey with her to The White House for inquiries involving that cult. Oh, Kareem the big boss puffing his chest.

It became apparent to Sharon that Dale might be sleeping in his vehicle, even though she did not come out and say it. Hunter wanted to see the aftermath of that missile strike, while Donald advised against it. Ellie is starting to realize that her relationship with Hunter may not be what she thought, just as Nancy laid down the law with Frida about going after her husband. Richard intervened and got a bit nasty with his wife in the midst of utter chaos.

Well, so much for Sharon being under the radar, she called Dale’s bluff and he admitted he was indeed homeless. Dale admitted he has a dark side. Sharon proposed Dale living with her and Kareem and he spotted that those two are indeed in love people. The friction still exists between Kyle and Donald, as the audience learned about Max and Kyle’s new hideout. Looks like this Blakely and Max has a past and I’m interested to learn more about them.

Dale was not pleased to come face-to-face with Kyle and it was apparent Kyle was attempting to push buttons, but didn’t get the reaction he wanted. Sharon questioned Dale about his interaction with Kyle, just Hunter spotted Sharon from a distance, who immediately caught his attention, as did Donald. I forgot that Donald came face-to-face Dale, and knows that he slept with Kyle.

Hunter cannot expect to get entangled with Sharon? I mean hello, she is pregnant! Lilly finally spoke with Bobby who had been ignoring her calls. She tried to explain the situation, but Bobby did not want to hear what she had to say. Richard was adamant about driving up to the cult compound to ensure Barry’s whereabouts. Ok, this is interesting…Dale, Richard and Sharon are about to drive to the compound of this wicked cult, just as Lilly discovered the cabin was blown to pieces, but not before being spotted by the secret service.

Donald, Ellie, Kyle and Hunter surveyed the explosion, just as Lilly’s appearance shook Kyle and Donald. Let the fun times begin people. Victoria gets jealous, Hunter flaunts Ellie, Richard reaches the compound and Priscilla tells Nancy the truth. That is just some of the chaos that unfolds next week on “The Oval.”