HOLLYWOOD—Talk about being speechless, Sharon and Dale did not know what to say when Hunter Franklin walked into the pharmacy on the latest episode of “The Oval.” Sharon was not pleased one bit; she was more shivering in her skin in the episode, ‘Get a Grip.’ Hunter, you might not realize it, but pinning after a woman that does not want you is considering stalking! Sharon made it clear to Hunter she is NOT interested in sleeping with him, but she wanted answers on Kareem’s location and it was clear she sees him as the enemy.

Sharon was good at lying, but little does Hunter realize Sam is NOT on his side buddy. He’s holding Kyle captive and making moves to bring you down. Donald was still wondering where Kyle was, but he’s not going to find him, and guess what Agent Gripp has no idea where Kyle is either people. Looks like Allan is making moves to initiate his takedown, and spilled a bit of tea to Donald that riled him up. Sharon was not going down without a fight, and I love it; things are certainly pointing toward an end game for the administration.

Victoria, Victoria, still complaining per usual and it’s getting to the point of absolute annoyance at this point. It was apparent that she was unnerving Donald and Allan with her actions. It looks like someone is in trouble with Donald and Hunter had to answer the question, “Where have you been?” Victoria questioned Hunter about his whereabouts, as it became apparent Victoria was frazzled that the Vice President and his wife are squeaky clean people. Donald was NOT happy to see that Hunter was still prying after Sharon who is NOT interested in him. Seems more like Donald just wants to play puppet master.

Donald wanted Grip to find the location on Kyle and he was alarmed to say the least people. Kyle was still mum to Sam, just as Sharon was hoping to speak to Richard about her situation, while keeping quiet to Barry and Nancy about what transpired. Max and Bobby continued to bicker, just as they realized they needed to handle business on the behalf of Eli. Lilly was looking to make a secret move, one that wonders me.

Priscilla and Richard were at odds, as he was concerned that his pal might poison Victoria to get back at her. Priscilla was bringing up valid points which Richard wanted to turn the other eye. Richard can sometimes be too damn noble. Richard don’t worry, Priscilla did not blow your cover, and it was apparent that Priscilla was loving every single minute of the torture she is inflicting on the woman who has no idea as to what danger she is lurking. Per usual Victoria found a way to get under Priscilla’s skin, as she went off on Sam.

Simone arrived at the White House and had her lunch with Victoria, where spars were traded. Wow, Simone did not plan on having lunch and made it clear to Victoria that she knows what she is up to. Victoria you have a terrible poker face. Simone dropped a bomb that she was aware that Victoria and Hunter were hiding things, and things got tense between the two women, as Victoria issued a threat to murder, but Simone made it clear she has been recording the conversation. However, the war between these two women is heating up and I loved every second of it. Simone is the MVP people! When Sam discovered that Agent Grip was working when he was on leave, but he made threats hinting that he knows Sam might be hiding something. Sam paid Donald a visit and it became clear Donald was unraveling as he unleashed his anger a bit which was NOT a good look to say the least.

Donald, not good, you just confirmed to Sam all the information he needed to put another nail in the coffin people. Allan decided it was time to make his master move as he took that gun that Alonzo gave him and went directly into The Oval and pointed the weapon at the head of Hunter Franklin, who had NO IDEA of the threat looming behind him. Yeah, first they took out Ellie, now it looks like they are about to take out Allan next people.

So next week looks interesting as Agent Grip locates Kyle, but he will not be able to rescue him, Sharon shares tea to Richard and Victoria and Priscilla continues to spar. Oh, I cannot wait till next week on “The Oval” people.