HOLLYWOOD—Eli should be more careful with whom he speaks to as Simone caught him off guard and he was bit edgy in the latest episode of “The Oval.” With the episode, ‘Guns Blazing’ Eli has a guilty conscience people. Eli expected Simone to apologize to Victoria, and she was having none of it. Simone is the smart one here, she realizes things are way too easy and something is NOT adding up.

Simone had it right on the money, there were multiple people not convinced with the theory that was presented, as Eli tried to get his wife to reveal WHO was not convinced, and was clear SHE WAS NOT SPEAKING TO VICTORIA FRANKLIN! The VIP so far in this episode is Simone people.

Eli is worried people and he phoned Victoria back to alert her to spill detail to Kyle and Donald to lay off in a major way otherwise more issues can explode. Victoria was in a happy place that was until Hunter disclosed some major tea about Jason’s death. Victoria learned that if she makes demands she will NOT always get her way. Nancy, Sharon and Richard were still concerned about Barry’s whereabouts, as he continues to ignore their calls. Sam was appreciative of his wife taking care of him in his time of need. Priscilla was not willing to throw in the towel because she knows something is NOT right. Priscilla is still NOT ready to forgive her husband for cheating on her, even though he begged for forgiveness.

Bobby and Max speculated that Eli might be working with Victoria and the others, and they have to keep things close to the vest until they can get more proof. Bobby planned to rescue Lily, but Max wanted no role in it whatsoever. Allan is such an idiot, even though he knows using a phone is a great way to have a phone traced, yet you still do it and guess what Donald was hounding his former assistant to come into work. Dale is speaking so much sense, and Tyler Perry is making his characters into complete idiots all of a sudden.

At least Dale had the sense to scam considering Allan doesn’t have a brain cell to use his common sense to not make stupid moves. Richard, Sharon and Nancy returned home and found them ignored by Ms. Jody, who only wanted to speak to Richard. Jody posted Intel all about the POTUS being at Richard’s house. The audience was forced to endure ANOTHER pointless conversation that went absolutely NOWHERE!

Sam and Richard discussed NOT believing what the VP revealed. Thank GOD that Sam didn’t disclose details about Jason being alive, and Richard you need to stay mum, don’t blow this piece of leverage that is crucial to taking down this corrupt administration. Kyle received an update on Allan’s whereabouts, what a dummy! Kareem returned to Richard’s place where he talked to Sharon about Dale and Allan camping. Kareem is speaking logical sense; all the wicked stuff they have done, is not just going to dissipate into thin air.

Sam and Richard decided to pay Jason a visit, where they wanted some Intel on his contacts resources, just as Sam posed a few questions to him about committing suicide and probing him about Jean, the maid he murdered and he tried to pin things on Hunter. Here we go again with Donald totting all his power at Lily who was agonizing in pain. Donald kept totting the notion of Bobby being MIA and found a gun pointed at his head. Next week’s episode, yet again, doesn’t look promising because the audience is still NOT getting what we want. See you next Tuesday “The Oval” fans if you’re still watching.