HOLLYWOOD—Just when we thought the good guys were in the midst of having a major victory, a bomb was dropped on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Losing It’ was proof that Sam cannot trust anyone, as Nina was working for Hunter and spilled the tea about Jason and her exclusive story. Not just that, Hunter is sleeping with her. I should’ve expected that! Hunter saw that interview and was out for Sam’s blood. Just when I thought Nina was smart it is apparent she is an idiot.

Max and Bobby busted each other’s chops, as Eli continued to ask questions about the whereabouts of Victoria. Worry arose as Eli realized that Hunter is preventing others from getting close to his orbit. Which means a battle of egos are about to explode. Kyle and Dale did some drinking as Kyle indulged in drugs which were simply annoying Dale.

However, a knock on the door from Donald called a ruckus. Jealous Donny is back and wants to know what his secret lower is up. I like this friction in the relationship. It is proof that Kyle is NOT actually Donald’s lapdog and has his own brain. Yeah, the writing in the past few episodes of the series is giving me the inclination that the endgame of “The Oval” is totally upon us. Donald going after Victoria Franklin, I’m not sure that is a great idea, but Dale hid underneath the bed as Kyle and Donald got hot and heavy on the bed.

Eli and Hunter had a chat where subtle barbs were traded. Eli asked about the whereabouts of Victoria, and Hunter dropped the bomb that Victoria was under arrest. Oh, this is going to be something wicked, as Eli delivered a call to Victoria’s father, asking for the whereabouts of his daughter. We’ve seen Victoria’s father only once, and we haven’t seen him since. Why is everyone so frightened of this guy? Hunter read Victoria’s father the third degree and was ecstatic. If a character is going to be a mystery at last give us a glimpse of them.

Max and Bobby were forced to begin searching for Victoria, as Eli was forcing all staff to report to The White House, yeah, an explosive is about to go off. Dale was almost caught when that phone went off, in the midst of Kyle and Donald’s romp in the bed. Priscilla was able to ease Nancy in the midst of all her grief, but just when she thought she was going home, Priscilla, Sam and Richard realized they were all being summoned to The White House ASAP.

Donald and Kyle also received summons to report to The White House as well. Dale alerted Allan that Donald and Kyle are discussing some wicked things that are sure to unfold in the coming days. Max arrived at the bunker and came face-to-face with Kareem and Antonio where questions were posed about why they were being held by the President of the United States.

Antonio was singing like a canary and explained that Victoria was trying to kill Hunter and it sent all sorts of alarm bells in Max’s brain. He connected the dots, just as Agent Aaron explained to Hunter that he located Jason. Hunter discovered it was Victoria who was drugging his food. Bobby was informed to check the Infirmary where he came face-to-face with Victoria who he released from those handcuffs. Victoria contacted her father predicting World War III. Victoria gave Bobby and Max a warning, but it seemed they were nervous, just as Jason found himself captured by Hunter’s men. Man I am so looking forward to next week’s episode of “The Oval.”