HOLLYWOOD—So Barry is alive, but barely people, that is where things picked up on “The Oval.” Nancy was in shock and could barely speak, so much to the point that she passed out. “Nine Lives” is starting to look like the episode that starts to expose some major things.  Sam and Richard had a conversation about his situation with Priscilla and his journey to the cult that nearly killed them after ramming their vehicle into them. Richard was ready to go back into the compound guns blazing, just as Priscilla issued more threats to her husband.

Talk about attitude, Priscilla did not like Richard poking his nose in her personal business and made sure he was aware of it. Oh, Richard what are you about to do, just as Sam warned Priscilla about seeing Martin, who he seemed to distrust and could have ulterior motives. The nosy next door neighbor urged the police to bust into Nancy’s house as something is wrong. Thank you, someone telling the police to do what they should do when danger is lurking.

Blakely and Max were reuniting with drunks and it led to a bit of romance in the process. Max seems to have a grudge against Hunter who treated him as if he didn’t even exist. Bobby heard Max and Blakely having sex, which interrupted his sleep. Bothered he decided to call Lilly and wanted to meet her. Oh, I forgot Lilly learned that Donald paid Bobby to seduce his wife. Looks like Lilly has revenge on the brain people. Sharon is indeed alive and Kareem was able to chat with his lady, however, she lost the baby. Sharon alerted Kareem that Dale is homeless and she wanted Kareem to help Dale with housing.

Kareem really loves this girl, so much to the point that he proposed marriage while she just recovered from a traumatic car accident. Sharon was stunned, no decision made, but she placed the ring on her finger. Crazy Jason people, he broke into Allan and Ellie’s apartment just as she was getting ready to take a shower. Jason was spooked when Allan arrived and he was forced to hide underneath the couple’s bed.

Allan was packing a bag, just as Ellie warned her flame not to speak to the press, but he didn’t seem to care that much. Victoria was worried sick about having to come face-to-face with her father, while Hunter was not concerned at all. All those secrets are about to come to light Hunter, and she was willing to sell Jason to the canaries as needed if her father asks. Hunter open your eyes your son is indeed a serial killer!

Back at the hospital, Richard and Nancy were in shock about Barry’s current situation. Dale alerted Nancy and Richard that he has witnessed such antics from the cult and that ‘blessing powder’ is drugs. Richard is ready to snap someone’s head off. Bobby and Lilly met at a motel, where she asked him to explain why her husband hired him to seduce her. Lilly was livid and Bobby admitted that Donald might have staged all the evidence he gave her. Looks like Lilly may have exposed herself and Bobby at the same time. Not good people.

Donald was awakened in the middle of the night by Kyle who alerted him he was suspended. Donald was not happy, just as Kyle teased that Lilly left the house and was in a motel with someone. Wow, Kyle placed a tracker on Lilly’s car. Donald and Kyle’s relationship is odd and strange. Kareem was cheery, and he was about to get punched by Richard, unaware of the situation at hand. Dale spilled the tea to Kareem that Barry was admitted to the hospital. The doctor seemed to think Barry was a drug addict, but we all know he was drugged.

Nancy had enough of Richard’s insults and gave him a wicked tongue lashing people. The final moments of the episode witnessed Jason ready to stab Ellie who was sleeping. So I guess we can add another victim to Jason’s list of victim’s people. This kid is beyond dangerous. The audience can only imagine how Victoria and Hunter will react to this news when they learn about it. Until next week “The Oval.”