HOLLYWOOD—Talk about a cliffhanger. Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended with Allan grabbing hold of that wheel as Kyle was driving leading to an epic collision. This week’s episode, ‘Out of Line’ revealed that neither died in the crash, as Allan climbed out the vehicle as Kyle’s leg was stuck. Allan escaped and left Kyle to die, as gas leaked from the vehicle, by Kyle managed to escape before the car exploded, and got the upper hand. That was such a disappointment of tension people.

It appears Kyle’s latest stunt was a massive turn on to Kyle. If Allan was smart, he would use this to his advantage to manipulate Kyle. Hunter is still planning to utilize Alonzo for his out of the office antics, just as Sharon and Kareem chatted about Dale’s predicament when it comes to housing. This moment could not be more hilarious as Sharon had to realize she was speaking to Dale and Kareem who were in the same vicinity as one another.

Jason is still scheming not realizing, that he’s toying around with a pro, who is not going to easily fall for his antics. He drugged this guy’s drink and tried to schmooze him with charm and compliments. A bit of conversation got Jason to open up about Victoria’s wicked antics. I’m still baffled that this guy left his drink unattended with a sociopath. Jason learned from the TV that his funeral was underway. Looks like Jason might win for the time being, but I suspect it won’t be the victory he hopes.

Kyle did indeed drop off Allan to Donald, who for the love of God is getting on my last nerves. Tyler Perry please give the audience something we want and take out either Kyle or Donald or both of them! Why does this Donald and Allan scene feel as if it is about to be drawn out and a bunch of BS because it was. Allan confronted Donald about trying to have him killed.

These pictures are so photo shopped and this narrative is so pathetic the fact that people who should be smart enough to realize this is a ruse and haven’t connected the dots. Allan seemed to buy some of what Donald was selling, but not all of it. It was too clean people; too easy. Just as Kyle and Donald were about to have a moment, it was interrupted by Lily.

Richard, Nancy and Sharon were still worried about Barry who hasn’t returned home. Nancy proposed to Sharon that she should consider the plan Max and Bobby presented to her to take down President Hunter Franklin. Sam and Priscilla were ready to head to work, but worries about Barry lingered. Back at the Vice President quarters, Simone alerted Eli that she had no plans to save face with Victoria and Hunter. Eli wanted his wife to play game, but she was adamant about doing so, but made it clear one wrong move by Victoria and the war will ignite.

Bobby and Max informed Eli they would play ball, but it was obvious they were lying. It was apparent both guys discovered that Eli has been lying to them, so this is a good development as it was apparent they were staring at some sort of camera. It is obvious Bobby and Max are the duo the audience needs to restore faith that something good is going to transpire.

The final moments of the episode witnessed Jason still wooing this secret service agent who is playing ball with a homicidal killer, but ultimately became ill. Next week’s episode looks a bit dry, but we shall see if more developments come to light people. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!