HOLLYWOOD—The viewers want answers and after that climatic episode before the one week break “The Oval” returned this week with, ‘The Stories We Tell’ that witnessed Kareem in a tizzy after discovering Barry’s bloodied body in his bedroom. He returned to the pharmacy in a mood that worried Dale and Sharon. Kareem questioned Dale, but didn’t clue him into what actually transpired. Just spit it out Kareem, if anything you should be contacting the authorities to alert the public, but instead he kicked Dale out which is boggling my mind people and will find yourself culpable in Barry’s death.

Sharon was worried about Dale and planned to call Nancy to alert here, but little does she know Nancy is at that camp. Back at the White House, Victoria and Donald being flabbergasted by Hunter’s news that Jason is very much alive. Victoria made it clear if she goes down everyone is going down with her including Donald who is twitching in his pants. Oh, I loved seeing Hunter gloat it was a fabulous good time. I am actually starting to respect and like Hunter more and more.

Victoria started to suspect Donald as being up to no good. Seeing these two at each other’s throats was simply delicious TV. Allan found himself in a dicey situation with Jason holding him at gunpoint and calling Ellie names. Allan reasoned with Jason the best way possible and he did a good job at calming the First Son down, who was still on high alert.

Back at the Vice President headquarters, Simone decided to have a conversation with Bobby where they chatted about the predicament involving the so-called evidence that she was in doubt about. Bobby pointed out that Eli might be culpable, which Simone immediately denied, but sweetie you would be wrong. Your husband is indeed working with the enemy. Simone asked for Bobby’s help to verify the evidence that has suddenly dropped from thin air. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to connect.

Kyle asked Max to forgive him, knowing he was telling a complete lie. Yeah, Kyle the notion of you and Max being friends is never going to happen. Sam interrupted and I was reminded that Kyle also shot Sam nearly killing him. So Kyle has two enemies who would love to see him dead, and I mean dead. Sam and Max discussed Eli’s apology tour with POTUS and we have a third party, scratch that, fourth party who doesn’t believe the lie. Sam, Max, Simone and Bobby all suspect Eli is hiding something.

Donald was hyperventilating as he informed Kyle that Jason is very much alive. Kyle proposed that Sam might be culpable in swapping Jason’s body from the hospital and it got Donald’s wheels churning. Kyle is jealous, and Donald is jealous that Kyle had a little fun without him. Yeah, Kyle continue to push Donald’s buttons it is fun to witness.

Victoria interrupted Priscilla and Richard and barbs were traded between the two ladies as expected. Victoria tried to rattle Priscilla by talking about Sam, but it didn’t get under Priscilla’s skin. I love that Priscilla speaks her mind and never apologizes for it. Sam learned from David that Jason found a way to escape and it left Sam in a state of disarray. Priscilla was calling for Sam, but he did his best to avoid to the situation. Kyle was starting to poke on Sam’s whereabouts, unaware that he’s playing around with a master.

Lily received a visit from a doctor to treat her from her gunshot wound and he seemed pretty worried about Lily’s condition. Wow, this so called doctor is actually a veterinarian. Yeah, I would not allow this guy to treat me. Alonzo was rattled when Max questioned him about doing Hunter’s dirty work. Alonzo was gracious that Max clued him on how Hunter behaves and to be careful in the process.

Victoria did not like hearing Sam turn her down noting that Priscilla is the only woman he has eyes for. Victoria you are looking desperate honey and it is not a cute look, just as Priscilla walked in on the room. Busted, Sam. I still cannot believe that Kareem is just keeping his mouth shut about Barry being dead, like the truth is going to come out. Until next Tuesday “Oval” fanatics!