HOLLYWOOD—Well the chickens have come home to roost on “Days of Our Lives.” After weeks of working with the enemy and doing everything in his power to cover his tracks, Xander found himself exposed at last and it was Sarah who caught him red-handed. Gwen has been going to extreme lengths to help Xander cover his tracks in helping Ava kidnap Susan and Bonnie to protect the truth from coming out. However, Ava placed that bomb at the church during Susan’s memorial that led to Nicole breaking her arm and Ava nearly dying in the process.

Ava it seems just continues to escape facing the music as her mental state spiraled leading to her being sent to the mental hospital to be treated instead of being carted off to prison for a laundry list of crimes that she has committed. Tripp refuses to see his mother is troubled even though Steve, Kayla and others have pointed out he cannot ignore the truth. As a result, Xander had a sigh of relief realizing that Ava could not expose him, but it was Justin and Bonnie that connected the dots regarding his fake business Red Nax which is Xander spelled backwards.

It didn’t help that Gwen was overheard by Thomas talking to Leo about Xander owing her one. Another lie was exposed and Sarah started to question her hubby’s motives and explanations and the confrontation happened with Gwen in tow and it looks like Sarah and Xander are done for the moment, which is a prime opportunity for Gwen to reunite with the man she was mere moments from marrying.

With one couple on the outs, another couple could be headed in that same direction with Will and Sonny. Why? Will made a surprise visit home and came across a shirtless Sonny chumming it up with Leo of all people, his mortal enemy. Leo is causing a rift in Sonny and Will’s relationship, with concerns about Sonny and Leo hooking up. However, it seems Sonny hasn’t forgotten that Will cheated on him with Paul all those years back.

Will broke the trust, but Sonny forgave him, so if anything Sonny should be weary of Will, not Will being weary of Sonny and for no reason. I noted Leo and Sonny’s burgeoning relationship was about to cause a rift and its doing so as Will refused to stay at the house with Leo still in tow. Eric is still chumming it up with Sloan, who is out to make Chanel and Paulina pay for her mother’s demise. Yes, Paulina managed to escape paying for her crimes yet again thanks to Belle pulling some strings, but I think her plan to run for Governor might be a done deal for now.

With all that bad news, Paulina got a bit of sunshine with the return of Eli and the twins just in time for Christmas. It was a glorious moment to see Eli reunite with Paulina, Abe, Chanel and Julie for the holidays. Eli is dealing with some heartbreak living life with Lani who is in the slammer for killing her father, even though it was justified people. Chad is also having trouble coping during the holiday with Abigail who gave him a ghostly visit encouraging him that she’s always with him and pushing him to pursue Stephanie. Stephanie is getting closer by the minute with Alex as they near the moment of their relationship reaching a new height, but Chad comes in and charms Stephanie with a gift she never expected. Chad or Alex, Stephanie is going to have to choose one of them people.

That is not the only Salem drama, as Kate, Marlena and Kayla’s lives are about to take a drastic turn as that orchid goes missing. Eric has crossed over to the dark side because his latest stunt to expose Kristin is wicked as he plans to ‘kidnap’ Rachel to put Kristen in a tizzy and give Brady an edge on getting his hands on the orchid, but Kristen is not responsible for the disappearance people. So this is going to be a wild narrative to follow.

The big culmination is Li and Gabi’s impending wedding where he is pulling out all the stops to charm Gabi and Ari, even though Wendy and Johnny know the truth about Li, Dr. Rolf and EJ withholding the truth about Li having Stefan’s memory and love for Gabi being erased. Yeah, Gabi Hernandez scorned is something you do not want people, and the fallout will be worth it especially considering Chloe and Stefan are growing stronger by the moment.