The Power Shifts For Epic “BB15” Week


HOLLYWOOD—I am a fan of “Big Brother” I have been for years.  Yes, there have been a few seasons I’ve skipped, but it’s a show that is quite addictive. Season 15 of “Big Brother” has not been the best, because it’s been so predictable.  No one is willing to make moves or make their own decisions.  Why would you hand a $500,000 to someone else?

Things took a major shift last Thursday with Helen being evicted from the house, but the houseguests were dealt a major blow: a jury member was returning to the game!  The looks on Amanda and Andy’s face when host Julie Chen made the announcement was priceless.  Even the audience laughed at Amanda when they saw her face.  Andy looked like he was about to have a panic attack. And let the games begin.  We had our first endurance competition of the series, which was quite surprising as it combined two comps in one: the jury members fighting for return and the houseguests fighting for Head of Household.

Out of all the jury members I was secretly rooting for Helen because her wrath upon returning would be priceless, not to mention to see Amanda and Andy scramble. I was also rooting for Jessie as she appeared to be the only houseguest ready to strike at Amanda and McCrae.  This couple is so ridiculous.  McCrae was a houseguest people were rooting for early on, but staying with Amanda has hurt his game on so many levels.  He is barely even featured in diary room sessions.  You know why?  He’s BORING!  For those who don’t watch the live feeds, this is the week to watch them; I couldn’t sleep Thursday night without knowing who the new HOH would be!  Jessie was indeed in the lead, but fell off the pedestal and was out the game.  The other houseguest in contention was Amanda, which had the public freaking out; we can’t allow the villain to win?

Slowly, but surely Helen took a tumble and then Candice, which meant Judd was coming back into the house, but would he come in guns blazing or align with the people who sent him packing?  In a competition that lasted more than 2 ½ hours, Elissa, yes the underdog since week one nabbed the HOH, screams acrossAmerica!  She fought like hell as she knew she was public enemy number one and let the backstabbing begin.  The excitement was crazy, finally we have a houseguest who will not do Amanda’s bidding, she’s furious.

Judd did the smartest thing ever he aligned with Elissa.  She has no one she can trust and neither does he.  It’s a perfect pair; she can’t compete for HOH next week so she needs Judd as an ally.  Just as Helen told Elissa align with GinaMarie, I’ll admit I am not a fan of GM’s, but when you’re playing this game Elissa needs her.  Judd, Elissa and GM, there are a competitive trio who can take out McCranda. Trust me the house is FINALLY seeing how bad keeping the power couple in the house has been. GM has even discovered that her BFF Aaryn has been throwing her under the bus left and right, so it’s obvious she is opening her eyes to the fact that Aaryn has just been using her (which is true since the beginning), it just took GM awhile to realize it.

Elissa had the entire house on paranoid mode with no idea who she’d nominate.  In a decision that angered a few, she nominated Aaryn and McCrae.  I was sorta pleased with this decision.  Why?  Well Aaryn is a competitive beast and has targeted Elissa since week one and McCrae has never seen the block so he needs a wake up call.  Second it put Amanda in a delusional state of mind, Andy began to freak out. Simply put the 3AM alliance is beginning to crumble and I love watching it!  Elissa is not as stupid as people think she is, she’s not easily swayed.  She will do what’s best for her.  Let’s face it with MVP she was responsible for taking out 3 major players: David, Nick and Jeremy.

Unfortunately for fans watching, Amanda won the Power of Veto, which she used to save McCrae.  Her goal implement a new plan to get GM nominated to ensure Aaryn’s safety.  Wake up Aaryn, Amanda is using you.  As much as you say you make your own decisions you do not. The excitement came with Elissa’s smart game play to not reveal who her replacement nominee would be.  She was adamant on not nominating GM or Spencer. I mean Spencer has been the pawn for nearly six time, and this could be the week where if place on the block he’d go bye bye. Elissa had a crucial conversation with Judd where they both decided to align with one another.

There are a lot of musings going on in the BB house, but duplicity is at work best.  Andy ‘the rat’ soon discovered he could be a potential nominee.  Let the fireworks begin. An all-out cry fest emerged for the other houseguest who never felt the pressure of being nominated, but he soon discovered its no fun.  It was the wisest choice to possibly ensure Aaryn’s eviction.  It’s almost guaranteed that Spencer and Judd would vote out Aaryn, GM is the deciding factor.  Aaryn really hasn’t been loyal to her and GM knows it, so this is opportunity to strike back and take out a major player. This week has been crazy as Amanda has proven to become the bully that she was scolding other houseguests for being earlier in the season.  Such a sweet victory to see Aaryn walk out that door on Thursday at the hands of Elissa her nemesis since Day 1; that’s karma.  The audience can only hope more unpredictable game play is in the midst in the coming weeks. I smell a double eviction around the corner.

By LaDale Anderson