HOLLYWOOD—I love the FOX series “The Resident” because it is unlike anything I’ve seen in the medical world on TV. The audience is invited to the world of medicine and how it operates more like a business than a business of saving lives. The episode, ‘From the Ashes’ did not hesitate in revealing to the viewer who died in the end of that cliffhanger. The writers did a good job of giving the impression that it was Nic’s father who died, but we soon learned that it was her sister Jessie who flat-lined. Nic was not doing good grappling with her grief, whereas her father seemed to be angling for a potential lawsuit against the hospital.

There are major changes happening at Chastain Hospital, a direct result of Red Rock Mountain Medical taking over. The power players are planning to build a new neurosurgery center, and bringing on board one of the best surgeons possible as an asset to the hospital. We’ll talk more about that character later. Devon had the perks of mentoring double transplant recipient and now intern, Eloise, who was ready to get her hands wet learning the ins and outs of the hospital.

What felt like a typical day, became chaotic after a small kid decided to venture away from the ER and it resulted in a frantic search by the entire staff including our fearless hero Conrad. That chaos intensified with an explosion that left Conrad, Noah, and Annie in serious danger. Annie was near death, but surgery thanks to Dr. Austin and Mina saved her life, where they removed shrapnel.

While Annie and Conrad were recovering, Jonah’s situation was much dire. How so? His skull was detached from his spine. Yeah, I thought this was a death sentence, but the fantastic Dr. Kitt Voss found a way to reattach the skull to the spine saving Noah’s life. That’s fantastic medicine for you America. I recall at the start of this series I could not stand Randolph aka Dr. Death, but it seems the guy has seriously turned over a new leaf.

Remember his focus was all about bringing in profit for the hospital, but he has slowly started to realize that caring for patients is more important than drawing in large numbers. Too bad Red Rock Mountain Medical fails to see things in the same way. Randolph was introduced to Dr. Barrett Cain (Morris Chestnut), a playboy, but skilled neurosurgeon, who has skills that left Conrad, Austin, Nic and Mina left aghast. How so? He removed a brain tumor from Annie in like rocket time: 5 minutes people! It was almost like this guy had done this a million times.

In another moment that showcased to the world how important having medical access is, Nic and Mina considered the notion of reopening the free clinic after stumbling across a woman and her sick infant. She was placed in the same predicament as most Americans; that fear of seeking medical treatment because we can’t afford it.

Randolph in a subtle way informed Voss that her position at the hospital was not guaranteed, but he planned to do everything in his power to ensure she is part of the hospital. He knows her skillset is needed, even though Red Rock Mountain Medical knows Cain bills $89 million per year, whereas Voss only bills $2 million per year. Randolph wanted Voss to buddy up to Cain, but she refused, letting him known on first glance she knows the game he’s playing. Kitt knows Cain is overbilling clients and requesting test that may not be needed.

The episode concluded with Nic finally making peace with Jessie’s death and spreading her ashes, just as the audience saw paperwork in the back pocket of Nic’s father. Hmm, this should be interesting. I very rarely advocate a series, but “The Resident” is truly a must-watch. It airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.