HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I am pleasantly pleased to see John McCook front-and-center on the CBS soap, “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean he started the soap with Katherine Kelly-Lang back in 1987, they are indeed the face of the soap and him not having a burner of a storyline for years was quite disappointing to say the least. Eric is quite ill at the moment, and a select few characters are now aware of his impending ‘death,’ while others are still in the dark.

I do indeed have a problem with this because people like Carter, Katie and Hope, all know about Eric’s illness, but actual blood relatives like Zende, Thorne, Bridget, Rick are not clued in on this game-changing secret? I mean the viewers may be aware that Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Bridget (Ashley Jones) are headed back to the soap, but Zende is currently on the show and he still doesn’t know, but characters not as close to Eric know.

Explain that? That just feels silly, I’m sorry. Zende is starting to become a bit of a player because the soap has underutilized his character for months, something that transpires more often than you imagine. It seems a potential love triangle could be brewing between RJ, Luna and Zende. Yeah, if you thought he was connected to Paris they just seem friendly. The chemistry was never there, and Paris was after Carter, just an FYI people.

Luna is interesting because she might be connected to another player in Los Angeles and I’m not referring to Poppy and Li, I’m referring to Bill Spencer. Yes, Bill spied Poppy at that popular restaurant in LA and seemed to recognize her face, so it seems like we could have ANOTHER long lost Spencer sibling in the mix, and tell me how interesting that would be; Bill with a daughter, could that soften his heart a bit more, just as Liam seems to be hitting the dark side.

It is something I think the writers should have done from the start to explore Liam’s dark side. I mean his father is Bill ‘Dollar Bill’ Spencer. He has some wicked in him and with Hope’s recent admission to Thomas about how she feels, he looked disgusted from outside the cabin. It looks like he was planning a sinister move. I’m calling it right now; people better not be surprised if Liam sues for sole custody of Beth to prevent Thomas from being in the orbit of his daughter. Guess what? I don’t think there is a judge who wouldn’t side with Liam after what Thomas did, and with Bill in his pocket, Liam will get what he wants.

Is it a nasty move? Of course, but it is something I would sign up to absolutely see. With that said, Eric has had another fall, this time really causing Donna to panic after she was unable to wake him up. What does this mean? Eric is closer to ‘death’ unless some miraculous cure is on the horizon. I mean Finn is starting to do research on Eric’s condition, and we all know Bridget is a doctor as well, so I would NOT be surprised if she manages to help Finn develop a potential cure or treatment for her father.

Eric Forrester is not going anywhere, but I am intrigued to see the fallout of Eric learning he didn’t win the fashion duel with Ridge and what happens when he learns that his little secret has been spilling out for weeks to family and friends.