HOLLYWOOD—The chaos continued in the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” people. Last week was a major buildup as Eugene turned himself into the Commonwealth, and we started to see our protagonists get kidnapped. This week’s episode, ‘What’s Been Lost’ witnessed Carole and Daryl going on the hunt for their pals. What appeared to be a friendly chat with Carol and Ezekiel soon turned chaotic as he disappeared and Carol found herself in serious danger, but she managed to escape.

Daryl was under attack, and Carol came to his aide in the nick of time because it was not looking good people. Carol and Daryl realized that everyone is missing, just as Pamela continued her political performance of a lifetime, just as Yumiko  was placed in a dicey situation as Pamela forced her to help nab her pals, think about her brother and prosecute Eugene in a courtroom. I knew it was only a matter of time before the good inside the Commonwealth turned into wicked.

Yumiko warned her brother of the danger inside the Commonwealth and Pamela’s intentions. Connie and Yumiko discussed making a move as they did their best to ensure they weren’t spotted together. Connie was worried about being seen with her pal, as she was hunting to locate Kelly who has also been captured people. Inside this prison/jail of sorts, Daryl and Carol infiltrated and managed to dispatch of Sebastian to a degree to ensure his survival, but Daryl finished the job.

Carol and Daryl got their hands on the keys, but were unable to locate their friends and found a spaced out Lance Hornsby playing around with a coin. With being threatened with death by Carol, Lance was willing to share where the others are being held. Hornsby has really been thru it people. Alarms were triggered and all-out war started with Carol escaping, and Daryl firing at members of the Commonwealth as a diversion.

Yumiko found herself trying to maintain her cover just as she felt she was being watched (and she was people). Pamela was not pleased when she discovered that Lance escaped and when she stumbled upon her son’s blood, mutilated body it broke her to pieces, but infuriated her at the same time. Well, Yumiko alerted Eugene that he was going to be prosecuted and it brought him to tears. Could this be Eugene’s fate people? I mean the guy has escaped death so many times this might be his punishment for his past misdeeds.

It was odd seeing Carole and Lance chat on their journey to find her friends. The audience knows how wicked this guy is, as he did his best to appease to Carol about the future and what she plans to do. The duo stumbled upon a walker in the darkness, and as a viewer it was impossible to see what was going on. I get its dark, but the audience at least has to see what is going on to understand WHAT is going on, as Carol just started firing bullets to take out walkers, skin and all. Carol was well aware that Hornsby was up to no good, as more walkers descended on them, but got busted by members of the Commonwealth people, but Daryl ambushed them, reuniting with his pal.

Yumiko realized she was being used as a puppet by Pamela to deliver a performance for the Commonwealth. Yumiko struggled with her speech and she realized her brother was looking at her, hinting to do the opposite of what Pamela was asking her to do. Yumiko took a moment to honor her brother who has been a vital asset to the Commonwealth community, which frustrated Pamela for a slight moment. The press conference took a turn when Yumiko announced she would be DEFENDING Eugene, not prosecuting him, which caused a bunch of ruckus amongst the public.

Lance, Daryl and Carol discussed their next move to rescue the others. There was talk about a running train, and Hornsby attempted to make a move against Carol and Daryl, but instead found an arrow in his throat. Just like that people, the end of Lance Hornsby has transpired. Carol and Daryl got into that vehicle and drove off. Well, so this is where our protagonists are: they are on a bus people, being carted off somewhere, as they are being drugged with something. The close-up of Ezekiel said it all people. I am intrigued by next week’s episode, as it is apparent a massive war is erupting and I am afraid who is going to bite the dust as we near the end. Until next week “Walking Dead” die-hard.