HOLLYWOOD—The current strike involving the Writer’s Guild of America is entering its third week and it looks like there will be no end in sight anytime soon. The writers are asking for a reasonable paycheck for their work and addressing concerns involving AI that has become a major concern not just in the technological arena and how it is impacting, music, TV and soon, probably the cinematic universe. Hell, we already know AI is impacting academia, but I find it as a form of laziness.

C’mon, why are you using Artificial Intelligence to craft a simple letter? Is it that hard that you don’t want your brain to work just a little bit? With that said, so many people think the writer’s strike will not impact their lives, but you might want to start to think again people when it comes to entertainment. There might be plenty of content that was already cranked out or finished before the writer’s strike went into effect, but that content will soon be waning. Why? You’re going to see a delay in scripted TV that means comedies and dramas. It will begin to effect the production of films, especially if re-writes are requested; you’re going to see a lack of content when it comes to daytime and late night talk shows that rely on writers for those monologues and jokes that are told. Yes, you have some actual comedians who can ad-lib content, a vast majority cannot. Also at the same time you have those who are members of the Writer’s Guild of America, which means they’re not able to indulge in writing ANY CONTENT while the strike is in effect.

As a result you can start to see more reality TV. Look, I like reality TV, but I don’t want to be headed into the fall TV season and winter TV season with a ton of reality shows. You can only take so much of it before you realize, “Ok, I’ve seen enough already.” With some big budget Hollywood flicks production has been halted, like the upcoming rebirth of the “Blade” franchise. Other flicks or TV shows impacted by the strike include season five of “Stranger Things,” the comedy sketch series “Saturday Night Live,” upcoming seasons for “Yellowjackets,” “The Last of Us” and “Abbott Elementary” to name a few.

Writers are more important than people give us credit for. I mean we’re not just talking about TV and film; we’re talking about journalism or the news depending on who you talk to. Music is dictated by writers because they craft the songs we jam or relax to, books (someone has to write them), theatre/Broadway, all dictated by writers people. Hell, writers impact so much the only thing I can honestly think of when it comes to entertainment that writers don’t partake in is sports, at least when it comes to playing them. The WGA strike hasn’t spilled over to news, books, Broadway or music, but if these other guilds, which are showing unity with the writers align that could be dangerous for our entertainment needs.

Do I think writers are overlooked sometimes when it comes to pay? Yeah, especially in the entertainment industry where these studios, production companies and the actors/actresses make millions off appearances in certain TV shows or films. Why can’t the writers earn or be paid a decent wage or receive royalties for their work that gives them a chance to live a decent life. When you hear stories about how much some writers are struggling to stay afloat after crafting a hit show that is damn scary.

This is not saying they have to live like millionaires, but c’mon already they should be able to leave comfortable, keep a roof over their head and pay their bills without worrying about when the next check is coming and if the rent can be paid people. Writers deserve a decent wage, so to the studios due what you need to do and offer them what they deserve. Time is a ticking.