HOLLYWOOD—I don’t think I have ever been this excited to see a secret exposed on a soap opera than the one that unfolded this week on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Why? Thomas Forrester, the guy who has committed some heinous deeds, and I mean heinous; death, kidnapping, lying, deception, stalking, manipulation, recently committed a crime that is unfathomable. He framed Brooke Logan for contacting Child Protective Services on himself to drive a wedge in his father, Ridge’s marriage.

Thomas’ plan worked people. Ridge heard the recording via a pal from the past. Ridge was under the guise the voice was Brooke’s, but nope, it was the result of Thomas using Douglas’ voice changer app on his phone to frame his stepmother. Steffy and Thomas have been celebrating the explosion of their father’s marriage to Brooke, because they want him to be with their mother Taylor, Steffy having no clue what her brother did to make it happen.

Ridge signed the annulment papers, Brooke has been eagerly trying to discover the truth and Ridge finally dropped that tea to EVERYONE during a rehearsal dinner. Yes, Ridge proposed marriage to Taylor and as any soap fan already knows, nothing ever ends well for a soap marriage, unless you’re Luke and Laura from “General Hospital” people.

With that said, Taylor was shocked, Steffy was shocked, Eric couldn’t believe Brooke would do such a thing, and Thomas did NOT like his secret being exposed. Why? Someone connected the dots, and he’s a small youngster. It was Douglas, who got scolded for playing with that app and upon getting ready to delete it, discovered his father used the app to frame his grandmother. Douglas is no idiot, as he’s the one who helped the Beth truth come to light and it looks like once again the small one realizes his father has been up to no good people.

Thomas couldn’t believe it and threatened and manipulated his son once again to keep his mouth shut to prevent Ridge and Taylor from learning the truth. There is a problem, Ridge, Steffy and Taylor could sense that Douglas is NOT as happy as he should be. Brooke got a hint from Ridge that Thomas was at the core of their marriage falling to pieces, but precisely what was done, she is still in the dark, but it is so frustrating because I know I am NOT the only one wanting Ridge to just scream to the truth to his wife so she knows what the hell is going on.

Things culminated this week, when Steffy learned what her brother did confirming Liam’s worst fears and she was livid. However, it was the fact that she learned from Douglas of all people, what Thomas did. She had to coach the truth out of her nephew who was scared senseless people. The fear that Thomas has instilled in his son is devastating. This boy was clinching when Thomas discovered that Steffy knew the truth. Luckily, Steffy assured her nephew he did the right thing telling the truth and had a war of words with her brother, who nearly threatened her to stay quiet, but that was before the siblings were interrupted by Taylor who heard them arguing and Steffy was forced to drop a bomb, more like a nuclear explosion on her mother, on what should have been the happiest day of her life.

Yes, Thomas has once again done something that is so epic you cannot keep it secret. Why? She should have learned from discovering what Thomas did with Sheila swapping Brooke’s non-alcoholic champagne with real alcohol.

Just as Bill professed his love once again to Brooke, she shut him down, and Bill being the player that he is, used the same lines and dialogue on Katie, who also shut him down. Thank God, Brooke did that I feared she would go back to Bill yet again, and prove Katie’s theory right, but she realized Bill was damaged goods and she knows her destiny is with Ridge and it always has been and always will be. Katie also realized that Bill is NOT the guy for her, as Carter eavesdropped on the conversations and confronted Bill. Not sure what Carter is doing here people, does he really want to go to war with Bill over Katie. Katie was already smitten by Carter, and after she eavesdropped on him defending her to Bill this may only strengthen the bond the writers should have went with all along instead of Quinn, then Paris, it should have always been Katie people.

The only thing I can say is it is about time the writers are giving Katie Logan and Bill Spencer a storyline because the Brooke and Ridge merry-go-round has been a bore.

The big question of the hour is what will happen to Thomas when the truth is revealed. Ridge is going to be livid, Taylor is going to be dumbfounded with what her son has done and the fact that she couldn’t see he was still trouble, Eric will be disgusted, Brooke and Liam will get that confirmation their intuition is right, and Hope will realize Thomas has NOT changed one bit.

Also Hope has stayed mum about Thomas trying to kiss her, once she drops that tea and discovers what Thomas has been doing to Douglas again, I can see Thomas losing custody of his son and rightfully so, but not before Thomas goes to extreme lengths. Something tells me Thomas is about to become unhinged and danger is lurking for everyone closest to him, which could be an interesting narrative if the writer’s truly pursue it.