HOLLYWOOD—It was just a matter of time before Thomas Forrester and his wicked ways soon resurfaced on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I will admit something that should be solely between Thomas and Hope has become an issue where Brooke, Liam, Bill, Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, Katie, Eric and Donna have all become entangled in: a custody battle for Douglas.

Look, Thomas is not well, and Taylor, Ridge and Steffy can do all in their power to attempt to act as he is completely reformed after years of doing devious things (holding the truth about a child’s paternity from the mother, running a woman off the road and killing her, threatening another woman to not spill the truth, stalking a woman he was obsessed with, manipulating his son for his own intentions and having an obsession with a doll that looked like the woman he was obsessed with). Yeah that is a laundry list of issues people, but it is what it is.

Hope hasn’t been happy that Thomas is harboring more time with Douglas than normal. Douglas hasn’t been back at Hope and Liam’s place for some time and it’s starting to cause friction. However, it is Steffy, Brooke and Taylor causing the majority of problems by NOT minding their own business. Steffy needs to focus on her marriage and Finn, not reuniting her parents. Gosh, this woman just annoys my soul with her sanctimonious attitude. Steffy you’re the younger version of Brooke, and the fact that you cannot see it says it all people.

Hope and Steffy have been trading spars as a result, but it was Brooke deciding to have a conversation with Thomas that is opening the door to even more drama that is damn scary. How so? Thomas was eating an apple and holding a knife, and it made Brooke uneasy, and seeing how the close-ups of Brooke’s face and that knife were televised to the viewer raised red flags people.

Brooke was unnerved and alerted Ridge, who said he was going to go get the knife. Really Ridge you think that will solve the issue? Anyway, Taylor then had a conversation with her son, and could sense the tension and rage in his voice. Yeah, Taylor as a psychiatrist could see that something was off with her son and she would be lying if she said otherwise. She told Steffy that Brooke considered calling Child Protective Services on Thomas and now the war is on.

Here’s the problem, someone did call Child Protective Services, but I don’t think it was Brooke people, my gut is telling me it is Sheila up her wicked ways once again. This allows Sheila to punish Brooke, but at the same time deliver at jab at the Forrester family who she believes has caused her so much strife in her relationship with Finn and Hayes. It is a sneaky move and it makes it difficult for Brooke to defend that she did not make the call after she threatened to do so. However, it donned on me it wasn’t Sheila, it was likely Thomas who made the call. He could easily frame Brooke for it and it would indeed cause trust issues between Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, exactly what Thomas wants. Don’t be surprise when its revealed that Thomas is the one who called CPS.

It is without a doubt going to cause even MORE tension in her marriage with Ridge, who is still toying with rather he wants to be with Taylor or Brooke people and a trip to Aspen could help with making that decision. Looks like the audience will have to be patient with rather Sheila will be exposed as Nikki Newman even seemed to realize the ‘woman’ wearing that fake mask looked familiar. Sheila is just playing with fire, and something tells me come November Sweeps something epic is going to transpire that changes everything.