HOLLYWOOD─Thomas Forrester may have done the one thing that has raised the blinders of everyone on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The audience knows he is still obsessed with Hope Logan more now than ever, but everyone else seems snowed by Thomas except for Brooke and Liam. Thank God there are still some players in the soap arena who are not complete idiots.

Thomas decided to amplify his plans to get Hope to become his one love by proposing to Zoe Buckingham during an impromptu dinner. Let’s just say, everyone at that dinner was surprised even Zoe. She was hesitant to accept, that was until after she publicly asked Thomas to profess his love to her. Ok, but Thomas paused for quite some time before saying he “loved” Zoe, so why wasn’t that a red flag for you? Anyways, Douglas was not happy one bit, so he ran upstairs, with Hope chasing after him.

That only led to Brooke and Liam comparing notes and realizing Thomas was up to no good per usual, just as Ridge questioned his son about his latest stunt. If your father who has been backing you for weeks, sees this sudden proposal as problematic that means people know something is up. Thomas was angered by the questioning, which was a clear sign that his ruse is not going unnoticed by some parties.

Douglas cried to the heavens about losing Hope as a mother, but she reassured him that would not happen, right before the little kid dropped a bomb. What was that bomb? He revealed to Hope that Thomas still harbors feeling for her and wants to be a family with her and not Zoe. Yes, Hope now has the ammunition she needs to dismantle Thomas or at the least get him to admit what he has been doing all along behind everyone’s backs. Let’s see how this pans out because Hope has been a bit gullible up to this point, and now she is being forced to realize Thomas is not the reformed being he so desperately claims to be.

The only other hot button issue on “B&B” is that the truth about Sally being deathly ill is spreading like a major wildfire. Katie just can’t keep a secret because now Ridge and Steffy know what’s going on and I can only imagine how Sally reacts when she discovers the truth. Wyatt wants to play hero and Flo wants to stand by his side thinking this will make her appear heavenly in the process. You stole someone’s baby and kept it a secret for months, even if you donated a kidney it still does not give you a pass woman.

Wyatt professed his love to Sally, knowing all along he is only doing this because he feels guilty, while Flo tries to be the supportive girlfriend. In the mist of that tale, Steffy and Ridge were floored to learn about Sally’s illness as they were preparing to fire her. Yeah, guilt is eating away at these two now, so Ridge decided to alert Sally her designs would be used for his couture line. I know a ton of people are snowing Sally, but I wonder how she will react when everyone did this out of pity and she somehow survives this deadly illness.

This burgeoning storyline makes me think Sally is NOT the character being killed off this year, but someone the audience will least expect will have a date with the Grim Reaper. So I’m very eager to see how this pans out America, especially with the return of Bridget Forrester. So if Bridget is coming back to town, there has to be a reason for her return from regions far known, and I don’t think it’s a wedding people.