BAY AREA, Calif.—Shincheonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) hosts open word seminars with thousands of pastors in attendance worldwide.

Starting from the month of October, Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, colloquially referred to as “Shincheonji” (SCJ), will be hosting Revelation educations titled, “Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant.” The educations are scheduled to take place from October 17th until December 26th at 6PM PT and will be broadcasted live on YouTube.

The seminars will cover topics that have been widely interpreted and discussed, including all of the chapters of the book of Revelation. Lecturers will include Man-hee Lee, the chairman of the church organization. Chairman and the 12 tribe leaders will cover Revelation chapters 1 to 22. Shincheonji wants to teach and share this Revelation to the pastors worldwide and we do wish that they can come as the family members of God and Jesus to also learn and share.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, communities of faith have struggled to find ways to worship while following local health guidelines. With many churches closing doors and urging congregation members to keep social distancing, the rise of uncertainty within faith continues to increase. As part of the largest Christian population in the world, Americans have grappled with finding a new normal without gathering in-person. To combat this, SCJ has created online events to promote peace and harmony amongst religious communities.

Locally, the San Francisco branch of SCJ will also be hosting seminars for nearby pastors and religious persons on October 9th and 16th, 2021.

This isn’t the first successful seminar that Shincheonji has hosted. Last August, over 1,700 pastors and 28,000 attendees participated in the word seminars to share knowledge of the scriptures.

“The number of participants at this time reflects their interest and effort to understand the words of Revelation consistently with the words of the rest of the books of the Bible,” said Mr. Kim Shin-chang, the General Director of the International Mission Department of Shincheonji Church.

Shincheonji Church has resorted to hosting events and bible courses online since the beginning of the pandemic and has encouraged many maintain their lives of faith using one thing: the Bible. Within the span of one year, over 103,000 students worldwide have reportedly graduated from the organization’s bible course — free of cost.

The church invites everyone, especially within the Bay Area, to receive the understanding of Revelation as well. All are welcomed to join in for free educations at the designated time of 6PM PT through the link below.

Seminars on Youtube: (