SAN FRANCISCO—Three attempted carjackings occurred within one hour on Thursday, February 20. 

The first carjacking transpired around 2:30 a.m. on 9th and Harrison Streets. Three people approached the car of a ride-share driver. KTVU reported the driver, “Frank,” was making a turn when they approached.

One person got into the back seat while another attempted to point a gun at the driver, who batted it away. Frank was able to keep control of his car. It is unclear if he was on-duty, but Frank was alone when the crime occurred.

The second attempted carjacking was a mere five minutes later on the 300 block of Harrison Street. Half an hour after this incident, there was a third attack on Mission Street and Duboce Avenue. The suspects in that attempted carjacking were also armed.

All three attempts were unsuccessful. It is unconfirmed if the same trio is responsible for all three attacks, but authorities are investigating them as being possibly related. Anyone with information on any of the attempted carjackings is asked to contact the San Francisco Police Department. Tipsters may remain anonymous.