SAN FRANCISCO—Three puppies reported stolen by the manager of Family Dog Rescue on August 29 have been returned. Along with electronics, two four-month old female huskies and an eight-week-old male pitbull were stolen from the shelter August 28 between 11:30 p.m.and 11:50 p.m.

Management of the shelter filed a police report and posted flyers on their Instagram page hoping to have the pups returned. The two female huskies were microchipped, but the baby Pitbull was not and suffers from an inflammatory skin disease called demodectic mange. 

A woman who saw the flyer about the missing pups noticed a story post from an Instagram friend who was selling the same puppies. The woman who posted that the puppies were for sale informed the user that her male friend was the one selling them. With the help of the management of the shelter, the woman pretended like she wanted to buy them. 

Both the woman and authorities met up with the seller at a Citibank parking lot in downtown Hayward on August 29 after 9 p.m. Both huskies were confiscated and two males were arrested. 

On August 30, the shelter was contacted and informed that the baby pitbull was found. The pup was abandoned under a woman’s truck in East Oakland. The Berkeley Police Department was contacted and the woman received a small cash reward from the shelter. 

“Huey (the pitbull) was a bit dehydrated. I took him to the vet and he was put on Ivermectin and antibiotics,” said Ilsa Jule, Executive Director of Family Dog Rescue to the San Francisco News.

One of the female huskies was adopted on Saturday and Huey, the baby pitbull was adopted earlier this week. The remaining female husky is still up for adoption and all puppies are in good health.