LOS ANGELES—NFL star running back Todd Gurley, 25, was released by the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday, March 19.

The move was made before the Rams would be forced to pay $10.5 million to Gurley, which was fully guaranteed based on his contract. The athlete signed with the Rams in July 2018 with a 4-year deal that earned him $60 million with $45 million in guarantees.

Gurley was the 2017 NFL Offensive Player of the Year and considered the highest paid running back in NFL history before the 2018 season. He was the 10th overall pick in the 2015 draft and while he was considered the face of the Rams organization, he was utilized less in the recent season.

In a tweet Saturday, Gurley said farewell to the Rams writing:

“Love LA Forever TG Out.”

A day later, he signed with the Atlanta Falcons for a one year, $6 million contract. He was paid $7.5 million by the Rams before he was released with $2.5 million subtracted from his Falcons deal due to offset language. His total earnings will be $11 million in 2020, keeping him as one of the NFL’s three highest paid running backs. The deal with the Falcons will become finalized once a physical is completed.

Written By Brenda De La Cruz