HOLLYWOOD—Last week was a terrific episode of “The Walking Dead” that delivered in terms of action, storytelling and pure surprises. I mean Negan killed Alpha, Negan was working with Carol? My mind was literally blown. This week’s episode, ‘What We Become’ brought the viewers back to a character that we have not seen in a long time: Michonne.

Things actually kicked off in a flashback where we first met the sword wielder with walkers chained to her, and her encounter with a person in need, who she just ignored. Yeah, that is not the Michonne that I know America. It seemed our fearless one was skeptical about this ally who claimed to have weaponry that could help take out the walkers. Yes, it looks like Michonne was hoodwinked as this mystery guy’s family is already dead.

Please explain why this duo is willing to venture into a walker invested building without any real reason for doing so? Virgil continued to do his best to try to manipulate Michonne to stay longer than what she wanted. He locked her inside when she refused to listen to his demands to wait till morning. Michonne discovered that others were also being held captive by Virgil in another room. These survivors noted that the building has been booby trapped to protect them; Virgil betrayed them.

Virgil drugged Michonne, who started to spiral. Yeah, this guy is bonkers and he should be worried when she gets free because his chances of survival have greatly diminished. So apparently Michonne stumbled upon Negan before finding herself with the rest of the group or she is just hallucinating how her life could have changed? This episode is really weird. It feels more like a battle of Michonne’s inner demons because we all know Michonne and Negan were not allies, but it seems that could have transpired if Rick and company didn’t stumble upon her.

Michonne got the upper hand on her captor when he gloated and she managed escape and rescued the others along the way in the process, as they stumbled upon a burning boat. Virgil’s captors wanted him dead, but through shear mercy he was spared for some reason. So the captor becomes hostage, interesting dynamic change. Michonne came across some items of extreme importance to her. Michonne discovered a cellphone with a picture of herself and Judith and she realized that Rick could possibly be alive. Yes, Michonne you are closer to the truth than you know; Rick is alive and it was Jadis who helped rescue him from certain death.

So we have a massive boat, it’s all a question about getting the boat working again. Michonne was able to communicate with Judith via walkie talkie about her current predicament. Judith got the impression that Rick could possibly be alive and the wise one wanted her mother to look for our fearless one. It was a tender and heartwarming moment people. Looks like Michonne is trekking her journey to find Rick who is alive, but it will be like a needle in a haystack to find him. While on her journey, she stumbled upon two people asking for help, just as she spotted a sight worth seeing: massive walkers and I mean MASSVIE PEOPLE!

Looking forward to next week’s episode, where Beta learns that Alpha is no more and in such an epic way; the same way Henry, Enid and so many others died at her hands. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!