SAN FRANCISCO— San Francisco’s local billionaire and environmental activist Tom Steyer listed his family home for $11 million on Monday, Sept. 13. The custom built home lies on Broadway and Baker St. in Pacific Heights, one SF’s most pristine neighborhoods. The house is eco-friendly and almost completely self-powered by a double-helix wind turbine that spins on one corner of the house and 30 solar panels on the roof.

Zillow photo gallery- Picture of the main common area first floor.

The 5,625 square foot home is made up of seven bedrooms, five and half bathrooms and a garden that stretches around the house. The front yard is made up of four flights of brick stairs that lead up to the house. At the bottom of the stairs lies a wooden book case designed for people to take a book and leave one in return. A water fall streams down besides the flight of stairs. Two large glass doors lead out to a courtyard behind the house. The outdoor space behind the house includes an other waterfall that pours out into a koi pond.

Steyer reportedly said he and his family are parting ways with their beloved home due to the cities current state.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of my adult life. I love this city and state, but I’m terrified of where we are at right now,” Steyer told the Wall Street Journal.